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Results: 2019 NRA National Pistol Championships

Results: 2019 NRA National Pistol Championships

Rapid Fire Pistol specialist and three-time Olympian Keith Sanderson is the 2019 NRA National Pistol Champion, finishing the match with a score of 2647-111X, only two points ahead of runner-up Jonathan Shue, the back-to-back winner at Camp Perry in 2017 and 2018. The favorable conditions at Camp Perry, including mild winds, allowed for a score to reach 2647 for the first time in many years.

Previously, Sanderson won the NRA National Pistol Championships in 2015. You can learn more about Sanderson by reading his biography at the Lapua website.

The top three finishers at the 2019 NRA National Precision Pistol Championships
The top three finishers at the awards ceremony (l.to r.): runner-up Jonathan Shue, winner Keith Sanderson and third place SFC Adam Sokolowski.

The match was held July 7-12 at Camp Perry, OH, and had a total of 664 shooters. This year marked the last summer that the NRA Pistol Nationals will be conducted at Camp Perry, as they are headed to Camp Atterbury in the state of Indiana in 2020.

Taking second place this year at Camp Perry is the aforementioned Jonathan Shue, who finished with a grand aggregate score of 2645-127X. He was also the runner-up in the .45 Cal. Championship with a score of 881-46X, as well as the runner-up in the Centerfire Championship with a slightly lower score of 880-35X.

Rounding out the top three was U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) pistol specialist SFC Adam Sokolowski, finishing in third place with a score of 2640-139X, also winning the NRA Preliminary Pistol Championship. Last year, this talented action and precision pistol shooter won the NRA Bianchi Cup with a perfect score and finished the 2018 Pistol Nationals in second place.

Brenda Silva (Photo by John Rickards)
Brenda Silva was High Civilian Woman with a score of 2555-90X.

Preliminary Pistol Championship

SFC Sokolowski started out this year’s Pistol Nationals strong, winning the NRA Preliminary Championship with a commanding score of 882-43X. He was seven points ahead of Jonathan Shue, the runner-up. In third place was SFC Greg Markowski of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. There were 425 entries in the match.

Hemphill Wins NRA .22 Cal. Championship

Philip Hemphill secured this year’s NRA Rimfire .22 Caliber Pistol Championship and the Walker Trophy plaque at Camp Perry on Wednesday, July 10 with a score of 888-49X.

Philip Hemphill (Photo by John Rickards)
Philip Hemphill (r.) secured the .22 Cal. Championship with a score of 888-49X. Shaking his hand is Cole McCulloch, director of NRA Competitive Shooting.

Additionally, Hemphill was the winner of the Police Division, nabbed the High Senior award and came in third place in the .22 Cal. Slow Fire event with a score of 194-9X.

For ammunition, he prefers Lapua Center-X .22 LR rimfire, which he gives high praise to because of its uncompromising quality and dominating results on the firing line.

“It’s an honor to be able to come out here and test my shooting skills in one of the longest-running pistol events in the nation,” said Hemphill, adding, “My whole team, Team Zero, shoots Lapua Center-X because we know it will outperform all other rimfire .22 caliber competition ammo.”

Joan Gladwell (Photo by John Rickards)
When 87-year old Distinguished shooter Joan Gladwell (r.) heard this was the last NRA Pistol Nationals at Camp Perry, she made it a point to attend this summer.

Centerfire Championship

It was a single X that separated Centerfire Champion Keith Sanderson from runner-up Jonathan Shue, 880-36X to 35X. As a matter of fact, the Centerfire top three was a carbon copy of the overall match results, with SFC Adam Sokolowski in third place with 878-48X. The Centerfire Championship is an aggregate of the slow fire and timed fire matches, along with rapid fire and the national match course.

2019 Mayleigh Cup Team
The 2019 Mayleigh Cup Team at the awards ceremony.

NRA Distinguished Revolver

This year’s Distinguished Revolver Champion is 2LT Lisa Emmert of the U.S. Army National Guard, finishing with a score of 279-5X. In second place is SFC Greg Markowski of the AMU with 277-6X. Rounding out the top three was New Jersey pistol shooter David Lange, with 275-7X. There were 217 entries in this year’s Distinguished Revolver Match.

Ray Anti receives plaque from NRA at Camp Perry. (Photo by John Rickards)
The NRA presented a special award to USMC-veteran Raymond Anti (r.), who has been a part of the NRA Pistol Nationals staff for a mind-boggling 45 years.

Harry Reeves Revolver Match

Although he finished second in the Distinguished Revolver Match, SFC Markowski was at the top of the heap in the Harry Reeves Memorial Revolver Match. Notably, his score of 281-9X was nine points ahead of match runner-up Richard Kang. In third place was Travis Jorgenson with a score of 270-3X. There were 227 entries in the match this year.

New Jersey Wins Junior Four-Person Team Match

The New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Association junior squad, NJ Junior Gold, secured this year’s four-person pistol team championship with a score of 3059-42X. Team members are Angelina Chudoba, Devin Lacross, Justin Kopecky and Michael Perez, along with Coach Richard Bogath. Each team member received a glass trophy for their efforts.

New Jersey Junior Pistol Team
New Jersey junior pistol shooters made several trips to the stage at the awards ceremony, often resulting in thunderous applause.

2019 NRA National Precision Pistol Championships Leaderboard

2019 NRA Precision Pistol Championships Leaderboard

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All photos by John Rickards.

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