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WATCH: 2019 Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition

For over two decades, the annual Ft. Meade Sniper Competition provided an opportunity for counter sniper teams to test their mettle against their counterparts drawn from across the United States. This past April, the match was revamped as the Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition, complete with a move to a new venue, the Peacemaker National Training Center in Glengary, WV.

Our friends at American Rifleman sent a video crew to capture the first year of the Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition at Peacemaker. Karl Duenzl, a law enforcement specialist with the Evans Group, a match sponsor, narrates a video outlining the match. Watch the video above.

The NRA has been a longtime supporter of law enforcement and military competitions, and was a match sponsor this year.

A two-person sniper team from the Maryland State Police, with team members Jon Simpler and Evan Page, are the 2019 Invitational Counter Sniper Team Competition winners. 

The five stages at the match saw shooters engaging targets out to 1000 yards. The stages scenarios mimicked situations that sniper teams can encounter, and some required speed and agility, such as the semi-blind sniper golf stage, where each shooters position on the range was determined by a timed run.

Not only is this a premier long-range match, but each year the companies that support the match are able to connect with shooters. Information is exchanged on Vendor Day, such as tips and tactics—also the latest and greatest in long-range shooting gear. This is one of the most valuable aspects of attendance, according to Match Coordinator Dan Weaver.

“Our competition is driven by the needs of operators in the area of peer networking and trusted vendors,” said Weaver.

For more information, visit invitationalcountersniperteamcompetition.com.

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