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Steel Challenge Shooting Strategies (Part 1)

The first in a series of articles regarding shooting strategies for all eight Steel Challenge stages.

Introduction To The Glock Shooting Sports Foundation

The Glock Shooting Sports Foundation offers sanctioned matches across the United States, many boasting large prize tables.

Freshening Up Your Training

These five tips will rejuvenate your training regimen and help improve your scores when it counts.

What’s In Your Range Bag, Jessie Harrison?

Shooting competitively since she was 15, pro shooter Jessie Harrison is the captain of Team Taurus.

GOAT Sporter Air Rifle Coach: Col. Sean Mulcahy

Col. Mulcahy emphasizes to high school athletes that maintaining high performance is best for achieving your goals in the shooting sports.

Predictive And Reactive Shooting

Determine how to engage targets by splitting them into two groups—predictive shooting and reactive shooting.

What’s In Your Range Bag, Aeriel Skinner?

Learn what 2018 USA Shooting National Champion Aeriel Skinner keeps in her range bag.

Competitors’ Corner: June 2023

Highlights from the June 2023 issue of Shooting Sports USA, the NRA’s competitive shooting journal.

Deciphering The Language Of The Revised ATF Form 4473

The revised federal Form 4473 for the purchase of firearms has two new questions that many buyers find confusing.

Three Drills For Low Round Count Training

Here are three skill-building drills that will help you get those reps in without draining your ammunition budget.

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