Shooting Sports USA - January 2011

Match vs. Service Rifle, NRA Headquarters Shooters, Nancy Tompkins Interview, Black Hills Ammunition

Shooting Sports USA - March 2011

Sights, Wind and Mirage, New Tactical Rifle Match, Smallbore Rifle Cleaning

Shooting Sports USA - June 2011

ACUI Clay Target Championships, Organizing an “As Issued” Rifle Match, 2010 NRA State Team Postal Match Results, Shopping For A Firearms Safe

Shooting Sports USA - October 2011

How Not To Crack Under Pressure—Part II, 2011 Camp Perry Rifle Championships, Phil Hemphill Interview, “Knee Deep in Brass” Poster

Shooting Sports USA - December 2011

USMC Match .45 Pistol Load, Birth of a Legend TheFarr Rifle

Shooting Sports USA - March 2012

The Quiet Explosion of Gun Television, Vintage Military Rifle Matches, James River Armory, Bar-Sto Barrels DVD, Julie Golob’s New Book

Shooting Sports USA - July 2012

2012 Olympics - Part III, 2012 Collegiate Rifle and Pistol Championships, Sighting through the Aperture, Hornady Reloading Gear

Shooting Sports USA - August 2012

2012 Bianchi Cup Championships, Koenig Wins Bianchi #14, Collegiate Club Rifle and Shotgun, McGee Competitive Rifle Stocks, Gun Powder by “Dr. Bomb”

Shooting Sports USA - October 2012

2012 National Rifle Championships, Bernosky’s 10th Gold, 2012 National High Power Rifle Championships, Field Target Championships, Geissele Triggers

Shooting Sports USA - August 2013

Bullseye Pistol Dry-Fire Technique, ZINS Earns 12th National Pistol Championship, ISSF World Rifle & Pistol Matches, U.S. Rifle Team in South Africa, F-Class: Jim Crofts Interview

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