Book Review: Secrets of Mental Marksmanship

Coaches as well as competitors will find numerous “gold nuggets” in this valuable addition to their training library.

Book Review: Care, Cleaning and Sportsmanship by James R. Owens

Covering the care and cleaning of rifles, with particular attention to service rifle. Also tips on bullet seating, questions and answers with Boots Obermeyer. Jack Krieger, Charlie Milazzo and Mike Bykowski. Additionally, interviews with seven National Championships on how they clean their bores, an extensive chapter on moly coating, and highlights on the positive side of sportsmanship

Sport Shooting Best Therapy For Action Pistol Shooter Vera Koo

Vera Koo’s book debut ‘The Most Unlikely Champion’ details what happened behind the scenes as she carved out her career in the shooting sports including NRA Action Pistol and the Bianchi Cup. Notably, Vera is the first woman to place in the overall top 20 at Bianchi Cup. “My story is a testament that looks can be deceiving.” Read our review

2017 Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States

Over 100 changes have been made for this latest edition, regarding legislation and policy changes that apply to gun ownership and transportation of firearms in the United States.

Book Review: Successful Pistol Shooting

By Bob Hickey and Art Sievers

Book Review: The Competitive AR15 Builders Guide by Glen Zediker

The book that has set a new standard for technical AR-15 information

2018 Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States

There is good reason this book has sold over one million copies since 1997, it is full of useful information on different state laws for those traveling with firearms

Book Review: Modern Reloading Second Edition

This newest edition of this manual contains just about everything you need to know about reloading in one book

Blue Book Of Gun Values Marks Milestone With 40th Edition

This milestone 40th anniversary edition has been updated with important pricing updates on many current and discontinued models. Written by S.P. Fjestad. Why guess when you can be sure!

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