Shooting Sports USA—Looking Back Over 100 Years

For over a century, competitors have been reading Shooting Sports USA for competitive shooting news

A Page from History: Musings of an Old Rifleman

Observations on rifle accuracy by a shooter whose experience spanned 50 years of intensive activity and also over 3,000 various tests

A Page From History: Measuring Groups

Measuring groups quickly and efficiently

A Page From History: Maintaining Revolver Accuracy

In the 1940s, the invention of a new cleaning rod was a key innovation in the art of keeping wheelguns accurate

A Page From History: Accuracy Vs. Bullet Speed

How much does muzzle velocity matter?

A Page From History: Altitude And Sight Setting

Adjusting your rifle and optics to prevailing conditions

Effects of Cant

Understanding rifle cant includes understanding physics, but the most errors come from not holding the rifle bore axis and scope axis on a vertical plane

Barrel Length Vs. Accuracy

A Page from History: Answering reader questions about barrel length versus accuracy, and Remington 720 & 721 mainspring interchangeability

A Page From History: The 1923 Palma

The Palma Rifle match was reborn in 1923, and anticipation mounted as to match conditions and the international teams that would be attending the storied contest

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