Enter the Action Shooting Arena

Easy to do—and can be a valuable learning experience

Burris FastFire III

This versatile reflex sight can compete in many shooting sports.

Double Tap Drill: The First Step on the Path to Success

The most basic skill set required of action pistol competitors is the one that will begin over 80 percent of all courses of fire—facing the first target in the array, then drawing and engaging it with two rounds when the buzzer sounds.

The Right Rx for Aging Eyes

Regardless of the game being shot, there is an optical lens prescription that can get iron sights on target.

Understanding the Power Factor

It drives virtually all action pistol games, and shooters can use it to their advantage.

Beretta M9A3

Gratifyingly accurate with a wide range of 9 mm bullet weights.

Focusing On Precision

The Focus Drill will give you confidence on tight shots.

Rapid Target Transition

Shifting quickly between targets is a critical skill for any Action Pistol competitor.

Beat the Mid-Match Crash

Running out of steam during a match will crash your score. The right fuel can keep you at your peak.

Stay Wet to Win

Proper hydration is critical for peak match performance.

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