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Creedmoor Sports Barrel Temp Strips Are An Inexpensive Way To Monitor Barrel Heat

At $12.95 for a three-pack, Creedmoor Sports Barrel Temp Strips are inexpensive enough to justify simply satisfying curiosity.

Pascal Fischbach Captures 2022 EBSF European Benchrest Championship Title

Fischbach tops 2022 European Benchrest Shooting Federation Championship leaderboard, wins two-gun aggregate for the overall championship win

Creedmoor Sports’ Affordable New TRX-925 Precision Reloading Scale

Precision, times 10—Creedmoor Sports’ new TRX-925 reloading scale boasts 10 times the sensitivity of others, plus three check weights, draft shields and easy instructions

Creedmoor Sports Names Bill Gravatt As New Company President

Bill Gravatt has been named president of Creedmoor Sports, Inc.

Stuck At Home? These Dry-Fire Training Devices Will Keep You Sharp

Quarantined at home due to coronavirus? Social distancing doesn’t apply to dry-fire practice. The gear in this article will help you train at home.

Creedmoor Sports Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Giveaways

Since 1979, Creedmoor Sports has been helping competitive shooters hit the X-ring.

New: Creedmoor Sports .30 Carbine Rifle Ammunition

Introduced in the 1940s for the U.S. Military's M1 Carbine, .30 Carbine Rifle Ammunition is still used for both hunting and self-defense

5-Time All-American Ben Estes Joins Creedmoor Sports

A starting student-athlete on the Murray State Rifle Team, Ben Estes new role will be to assist Creedmoor Sports Sales and Marketing Manager (and fellow award-winning competitive shooter) Brent Books

Pre-Order TRACE 10 Gen2 Training Analysis System from Creedmoor Sports

Take advantage of the discounted price by pre-ordering the training analysis system now and receive it in April

Fix It, Color It, Turn It To Dust: 2018’s Newest Gear For Competitors

Some of the best new products for competitive shooters that we saw earlier this year at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

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