Are you ready for F-Class?

There are many things new shooters don’t consider before their first big match.

Getting in Condition

Conditioning your body to minimize movement as you squeeze a trigger is a matter of practice.

What should beginning shooters focus on in order to improve?

Start by spending as much time on the range as possible.

The Right Way to Call Your Shots in Precision Pistol

The Brian Zins method for calling shots when training for Bullseye.

A Page from History: Toward Better Scores with National Match Rifles and Ammo

Classic service arms and ammunition at the National Matches!

How to Clean Tough Lead Deposits From Your Barrel

How to properly clean lead from your barrel

How Stable Is Your Kneeling Position When Using A Roll?

Most important: the bag must not move

It’s Never Too Late To Start Rifle Competition, Here’s Why

The first step: visit clubs in your area that compete

Shooting Coat 101

A primer on the leather, nylon and canvas shooting jackets that can boost your scores

Postural Stability: How To Improve Your Static Hold

Postural alignment is not only critical for match endurance and a stable shooting platform—but also for overall health!

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