Five Tips To Help Increase Your Scores

The following tips have saved minutes and added precious points to keep me moving up in my ranking.

Five Tips for Team 3-Gun Matches

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot my first team 3-gun match. Looking back now and thinking about the other teams and how my team worked together, I realize that there are a few things which make a team successful. Here are five tips to ensure success during a team match.

Getting Started in Handloading with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

There is one critical item that often gets overlooked as folks talk about interesting topics such as reloading die brands and types, scale types and brands. And, what might that item be?

Accurizing the S&W Model 41

Reduce a 50-yard shot group from 2.4 inches to .9 inches for under $700.

Rapid Target Transition

Shifting quickly between targets is a critical skill for any Action Pistol competitor.

Stay Wet to Win

Proper hydration is critical for peak match performance.

Coaching Tip: The Ever Ready Drill

The importance of developing the muscles needed to hold the firearm for long periods of time.

Pro Tips: Choosing an Action Pistol

Julie Golob and Bruce Piatt share some quick tips for choosing an action pistol.

Handloading Tips: Improving Rifle Accuracy, Loading Efficiency and Safety

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) shares tips from one of their veteran handloaders.

How To: NRA Tournament Reports and Bulletins

The NRA reviews thousands of tournament reports annually.

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