What’s The Difference Between Inward And Outward Scoring Gauges?

It's always best to refer to the rule book covering the discipline at hand!

How Stable Is Your Kneeling Position When Using A Roll?

Most important: the bag must not move

How Are Rimfire Cartridges Made?

Rimfire ammo has been in continuous production since the mid-1850s

Why Do Certain Action Pistol Sports Require Shooters To Meet A Power Factor?

Power Factor in action shooting is the ranking system that rewards cartridges with more recoil

What Exactly Is Mental Imagery And How Do You Learn To Use It?

Mental imagery is the representation in a person’s mind of the physical world outside of that person, using it for competition can be beneficial. Here are five tips to help you

Can A Plugged Shot On A Paper Target Be Regauged?

It’s not difficult to understand why questions about scoring targets are common

What Is A Stovepipe Malfunction?

Telltale sign of a stovepipe: An empty case poking out the top or side of the ejection port

Where Did The National Matches Originate?

The first annual match was in 1873, and NRA-backed legislation established the first National Matches in 1903

A Page From History: BB’s And Air Guns

Page from History features classic articles on competitive shooting from the NRA archives

Can You Expect Your Gun To Hold Its Zero In Extreme Temperatures?

Temperature can have a significant effect on the zero of your firearm. Our advice: Never pass up a chance to sight-in and confirm your zero!

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