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Pistol Grip Basics

Trigger squeeze is dependent on an effective grip, and lots of dry-fire practice is the only to learn how to keep from moving the sights on the firing line with a pistol

Silhouette Rifle: How To Find The Best Position For The Steadiest Hold

Improper training will result in bad fundamentals, which means a bad position and lower scores in the fun, difficult game of silhouette rifle

Drill Your Way To Victory

When winter weather closes the range, follow these easy drills in the comfort of your own home for a tighter shot group, better hold, smoother trigger squeeze and faster target acquisition.

Dry Fire Techniques For Bullseye Pistol

Great target shooters dry fire!

Why Dry Fire? Part 2

Start working now if you want to be competitive!

Why Dry Fire? Part 1

If you are tired of being fodder for the same people who every week stomp you into the ground, then read on and prepare to work

Getting in Condition

Conditioning your body to minimize movement as you squeeze a trigger is a matter of practice.

Why Some Shooters Are Really Good

For starters, they tend to work hard and have no problem adjusting their mindset.

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