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Springfield Armory To Fund Scholarship For Hillsdale College Action Shooting Team

Springfield Armory makes four-year commitment to fund scholarships for Hillsdale’s Action Shooting Team, on top of supplying firearms.

Results: 2023 USPSA Open, Pistol-Caliber Carbine National Championship

The 2023 USPSA Open and PCC Division National Championship was held at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, Sept. 6-10.

Elbow And Hand Longevity For The Practical Shooter

Tips on how to train for action shooting without injuring yourself.

Sixth Annual Battle For The North Coast USPSA Showdown

There were 189 shooters at this year’s Battle for the North Coast USPSA competition in Rome, Ohio, this past August.

2023 SCTP & SASP National Championships: The Future Of Shooting Sports

This year’s SCTP and SASP National Championships in Ohio attracted thousands of young competitive shooters.

Introduction To The Glock Shooting Sports Foundation

The Glock Shooting Sports Foundation offers sanctioned matches across the United States, many boasting large prize tables.

What’s In Your Range Bag, Jessie Harrison?

Shooting competitively since she was 15, pro shooter Jessie Harrison is the captain of Team Taurus.

USPSA Establishes Provisional Limited Optics Division

Beginning this month, USPSA-affiliated clubs can incorporate the new Limited Optics division into their events.

Precision Conditioning For Improved Agility In Action Shooting

Upper and lower body strength are important in the shooting sports, especially action shooting. Here are specific conditioning tips for competitive shooters.

Proper Use Of The USPSA Magazine Gauge & Box

This guide will help USPSA competitors ensure their guns and gear are division-legal prior to arriving at an action shooting match.

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