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All About Competitive Shooting Handicaps

This guide covers handicaps for matches and shooting leagues, including averaging, the Lewis system and more.

Elbow And Hand Longevity For The Practical Shooter

Tips on how to train for action shooting without injuring yourself.

Eye Armor: A Competitive Shooter’s Guide To Protective Eyewear

From the vault—our guide on choosing the best eye protection. As published in the March 1999 issue of Shooting Sports USA.

How To Use Our New Coming Events Online Match Directory

We’ve ditched the old PDF format for Coming Events in favor of an online directory. These tips will help you find a tournament near you.

How To Improve Grip With The Presentation Process

Lock the gun in place with a better grip and more predictable index—every time.

Steel Challenge Shooting Strategies (Part 1)

The first in a series of articles regarding shooting strategies for all eight Steel Challenge stages.

Find The Proper Rimfire Training Pistol For New Shooters

Here are four manufacturers with effective .22 LR trainers for new action pistol competitors.

Handloading The .38 Short Colt For Competition

Modern competitive revolver shooters use .38 Short Colt for its short case, which is faster to eject and reload than the more common .38 Special.

More Matches Or More Practice?

A foundation built on proven shooting fundamentals is important in action competition, but you also need solid match experience in order to improve.

Grip Technique For Action Pistol

Grip strength is sometimes overlooked by action pistol competitors. These tips will help with proper technique.

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