1998 NCAA Vault 1

Classic SSUSA: Women Shooters Sweep 1998 NCAA Individual Rifle Championships

At the 1998 NCAA Rifle Championship in Murray, Ky., Emily Caruso and Karyn E. Juzuik dominated the competition.

Classic SSUSA: U.S. Team Dominates In 1999 World Long-Range Blackpowder Championships

The 1999 World Long-Range Blackpowder Championships coincided with the 125th anniversary of the International Matches at Creedmoor held in 1874.

Classic SSUSA: Alaska-Fairbanks Freezes Out Opponents At 1999 NCAA Rifle Championship

At the 1999 NCAA Rifle Championship, the Nanooks shattered records and chilled any chances of the WVU Mountaineers winning a fifth straight title.

Lee’s 1895 Straight-Pull Rifle

James Paris Lee, associated with the famous Lee-Enfield, designed the 1895 Straight-Pull Rifle to satisfy Navy requirements for a new small arm.

Taming The “Jungle Carbine”

Reduced power loads for Enfield “jungle carbines” with shortened barrels.

Steel Pennies And Alternative Ammo: A Different .30-06 M2 Ball

“M2 Alternative,” a little-known cartridge produced for a time during World War II, is of interest to both collectors and shooters.

Book Review: Einer Für Alle, Alle Für Einen (One For All, All For One)

This book celebrates the 200th anniversary of Switzerland’s marksmanship society and is also a valuable reference work.

USPSA History: A Blast From The Past, Part 2

This second article from the U.S. Practical Shooting Association’s Historical Preservation Committee features excerpts from “History of Practical Shooting” by Marshall Todd.

The Clandestine British Service Of Winchester’s Model 74

Assassin? Saboteur? Although there is no record of it, some believe that Winchester 74 rifles provided to Great Britain by the United States during World War II were then equipped with suppressors for clandestine operations.

Classic SSUSA: Hats Off To The Chef At 2005 NRA Smallbore Silhouette Championship

Back in 2005, Agustin Sanchez, Jr., overcame Arizona's broiling heat to serve up a perfect 40 on his way to claiming that year's NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championship title.

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