Competitors’ Corner: October 2017

Highlights from this month's issue of Shooting Sports USA, NRA's competitive shooting journal

Coats Of Many Patches

Remembering a simpler time in competitive shooting―when your travels, affiliations and accomplishments could be summarized in a résumé wearable on your back

Legends: Dr. Paul E.R. Nordquist, Jr

Shooting Sports USA author, notable Rifleman and Historian Paul Nordquist brightened the day of all he met―he will be missed immensely

Great Moments In Sportsmanship: Vere Hamer

In 1938 Hamer challenged his own score, which led to losing the Nationals―only to win ‘The Big One’ the next year

Foster W. Rennie Memorial Trophy

Rennie helped develop a program that taught several hundred junior shooters how to shoot and how to be productive citizens

The Frank Parsons Trophy Bowl

Parsons was instrumental in modernizing the intercollegiate shooting program after World War II by successfully advocating replacement of the “military” standing position (arm supporting the rifle free of the shooter’s body) by the NRA-hip rest position common in domestic and international shooting. Parsons shot on the George Washington University (GWU) team that won the first Intercollegiate National Championship determined by nationwide sectional competition.

High Power vs. Smallbore: A Difference

Three competitors come to a shallow puddle, whereby the service rifle shooter forges straight ahead. The pistol shooter walks around the puddle, followed by the smallbore shooter who does the same, and files a protest.

A Prediction Confirmed

Of the five rifle shooting events in the 2016 Rio Olympics—four were won by products of the American Intercollegiate Shooting programs.

Origin of the Palma Trophy and Matches

The Palma Trophy is the oldest international trophy contested by the U.S.

Winchester: 150 Years of Competitive Excellence

Three brief accounts of Winchester guns that achieved excellence in their respective shooting disciplines.

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