Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Revolvers?

Take our wheelgun quiz and test your knowledge about revolvers.

posted on July 5, 2023
Ruger Gp100 9Mm 1
Above: Ruger Custom Shop Super GP100 9 mm revolver.

Simple to operate, dependable by design and classic in style, revolvers have seen a resurgence in popularity during recent years. But how much do you know about revolvers? Take our 10-question quiz to find out. The answers are at the end, but don’t peek ahead, we’ll know!

  1. True or false: revolvers are either single-action or double-action.
  2. True or false: single-action revolvers can be cocked and fired by a single pull of the trigger.
  3. True or false: double-action revolvers can be cocked and fired by a single pull of the trigger.
  4. Most revolvers hold six cartridges giving them the nickname six-shooter, but how many cartridges can some revolvers hold?
    1. Seven
    2. Eight
    3. Nine
    4. Ten
    5. All of the above
  5. In 1836, who patented the first practical revolver in the United States?
    1. Frederic Remington
    2. Wallace Winchester
    3. Samuel Colt
    4. None of the above
  6. In 1857, what duo of gunmakers began manufacturing the first rear-loading, metal-cartridge revolvers in America?
    1. Smith & Wesson
    2. Barnum & Bailey
    3. Abercrombie & Fitch
    4. Warner Brothers
  7. In 1873, Colt introduced one of the most famous revolvers of all time; still manufactured today, what was it called?
    1. Model 1873
    2. Single Action Army
    3. Colt .45
    4. Peacemaker
    5. All of the above
  8. The single-action revolver is still used in what shooting sport today?
    1. Cowboy Action Shooting
    2. Silhouette Shooting
    3. Three-gun
    4. All of the above
  9. True or false: the most popular revolver ammunition is .22 Long Rifle.
  10. True or false: so-called “hammerless” revolvers are popular among both civilians and law enforcement officers for concealed-carry purposes.


  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. All of the above
  5. Samuel Colt
  6. Smith & Wesson
  7. All of the above
  8. Cowboy Action Shooting
  9. True (Due to the ammunition’s relatively low cost and low recoil factor.)
  10. True

Score Card:

Well, how did you do? 

1 to 3 answers correct = Rookie

4 to 6 answers correct = Keep Shooting

7 or 8 answers correct = Wheel Gun Wannabe

9 or 10 answers correct = Wheel Gun Wonder!


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