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WATCH: Winchester Ammunition Pushing Limits Of Shotshell Innovation

Watch this “American Rifleman Television” segment to learn more about how Winchester Ammunition innovates in the shotshell marketplace.

WATCH: Beretta’s New 92XI Squalo

Emulating the sleek and formidable nature of the shark, Beretta says its new 92XI Squalo is “designed to make you stand out in a sea of competition.”

WATCH: All About Modern Colt Revolvers

How Colt resurrected old revolver names and designs, all while improving its legacy platforms and building them with modern machinery and techniques.

WATCH: Staccato Range Day 2024 At PrairieFire Nevada

Staccato’s Range Day at PrairieFire Nevada in January didn’t disappoint, with the debut of the Staccato C four-inch pistol, plus Staccato’s new Range and Match 9 mm ammunition.

New: Hammerli Force B1 Straight-Pull Rimfire Rifle

Hammerli’s new Force B1 straight-pull, bolt-action rimfire rifle sports a quick-change barrel system for toolless transitions from .22 LR to .22 WMR calibers.

WATCH: Shooting Tips From Winchester’s Pro Shotgun Team

Winchester Ammunition sponsors a competitive team of shotgunners that rank as some of the best in the world.

WATCH: NRA Instructor Empowers More Than 4,500 Women—Exposes Biden, Harris and Newsom’s Gun Control Hypocrisy

NRA releases new video with NRA firearms instructor Robin Evans of Chicks With Triggers that highlights the empowerment of women through self-defense training.

WATCH: Jerry Miculek Sets NRA World Record With Fastest Time To Hit 6 Plates With A 9 mm Revolver

On Friday, October 6, pro shooter Jerry Miculek set the NRA World Record for hitting six steel plates from the draw with a 9 mm revolver at seven yards after a red-hot 1.88-second run.

WATCH: Making Fiocchi Centerfire Ammunition

Check out this “American Rifleman Television” segment about Fiocchi's Arkansas manufacturing facility, along with details about the company’s future.

WATCH: Interview With USA Shooting CEO Craig Kozeniesky

Shooting Sports USA Editor-in-Chief John Parker interviews Craig Kozeniesky, the new Chief Executive Officer at USA Shooting.

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