New: Winchester .30-06 Reduced Pressure Ammo For M1 Garands

Winchester Ammunition launches reduced pressure .30-06 ammunition optimized for use in M1 Garand rifles.

posted on January 13, 2023
Winchm1garand 1

Winchester Ammunition wants you to grab that special M1 Garand rifle sitting in your safe, pick up a box of its new M1 Garand reduced pressure .30-06 ammo and head to the range to experience some history for yourself.

The reduced pressure .30-06 ammunition offering launched by Winchester this week is optimized for use in M1 Garand rifles—the iconic symbol of the greatest generation’s fight for freedom during World War II. The M1 Garand is one of the most collectable firearms around, and the ammunition designed for it remains one of the most popular hunting cartridges today. Since its inception however, the .30-06 cartridge has been modernized and improved to be flatter shooting for modern hunting rifles while departing from the original design.

Sporting a 150-grain Ball M2 round-nose bullet with slower burning powders, the new M1 Garand ammunition from Winchester is the ideal choice for anyone taking their collectable war-time rifle to the range.

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