2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot: All About Team USA’s Remarkable Performances

Team USA excelled at the 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot in Pattaya, Thailand, Dec. 3-10.

posted on December 18, 2023
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USPSA extends its heartfelt congratulations to all participants and champions, applauding their remarkable achievements and dedication to the sport of shotgun shooting.

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) recently highlighted the remarkable performances of U.S. teams and competitors at the 2023 International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Shotgun World Shoot, held in Pattaya, Thailand, December 3-10.

The event, which spanned more than five days of intense competition, was a showcase for the extraordinary talent and dedication of United States competitors on the global stage.

The journey to Pattaya, Thailand, presented numerous challenges for U.S. teams and competitors, including international travel, the transportation of firearms, ammunition and gear, as well as facing extreme heat and humidity. However, their unwavering determination and commitment to excellence allowed them to represent the United States proudly at the 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot in Thailand.

With strong representation across multiple divisions and categories, U.S. teams demonstrated their prowess in the world of shotgun shooting. This year’s United States contingent featured both returning World Champions and promising newcomers. Below is a breakdown of how they performed at the competition.

The Ladies Standard Team, comprised of Lena Miculek, Jalise Williams and Rebecca Yackley, emerged as champions with a gold-medal performance. Lena Miculek, in addition to her team success, defended her World Title by clinching the Ladies gold medal.

The Men’s Standard Team, led by Brian Nelson, achieved an impressive fourth place, with Brian Nelson securing a fifth-place overall finish.

In the Men’s Open category, the U.S. team, represented by Scott Greene, Reuben Aleckson, Michael Whiteside and Lan Nguyen, brought home a silver medal. Scott Greene’s exceptional performance earned him not only the gold medal in the Open division, but also the overall victory.

In the Open Junior category, young talent Varick Beise displayed outstanding skills, finishing fifth overall and capturing the gold medal.

With an outstanding performance, Lanny Barnes claimed the Ladies World Champion title in the Open division. In addition, the Ladies Open Team featuring Lanny Barnes, Justine Williams, Claudia Vidanes and Tiffany Venters earned a bronze medal. Meanwhile, the Men’s Senior Open team secured a fifth-place finish.

The U.S. Men’s Modified team demonstrated their competitive spirit by finishing sixth overall, with Dillen Easley taking 13th place in the overall standings. The Ladies Modified Team also showcased their skills by earning fourth place overall. In the Men’s Standard Manual Team category, the U.S. team walked away from the match in 11th place overall.

The 2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot was a testament to the skill, passion and perseverance of United States competitors on the global stage.

2023 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot—Team USA Results

Men’s Open Team – Second place

  • Scott Greene - Gold medal first place overall
  • Reuben Aleckson – 13th overall
  • Mike Whitesides – 25th overall
  • Lan Nguyen – 41st overall

Ladies Open Team – Bronze medal third place

  • Lanny Barnes – Gold medal first place Ladies
  • Justine Williams – Eighth place Ladies
  • Claudia Vidanes – 11th place Ladies
  • Tiffany Venters – 12th place Ladies

Men’s Senior Open Team – Fifth place

  • JoJo Vidanes – Eighth place Senior
  • Shaun Guo – 16th place Senior
  • John Migliaccio – 24th place Senior

Men’s Standard Team – Fourth place

  • Jeremy Lightner – 20th place overall
  • Brian Nelson – Fifth place overall
  • Duncan Cline – 35th place overall
  • Hunter Andras – 40th place overall

Ladies Standard Team – Gold medal first place

  • Lena Miculek – Gold medal first place Ladies
  • Jalise Williams – Bronze medal third place Ladies
  • Becky Yackley – Sixth place Ladies

Men’s Modified Team – Sixth place

  • Dillen Easley – 13th place overall
  • Alexander Goking – 35th place overall
  • Sam Larkin – 40th place overall
  • Chadd Torres – 63rd place overall

Ladies Modified Team – Fourth place

  • Dianna Muller – Seventh place Ladies
  • Ursula Williams – 10th place Ladies
  • Tennille Chidester – 14th place Ladies
  • Cindy Coker – 15th place Ladies

Men’s Standard Manual Team – 11th place

  • James Venters – 45th place overall
  • Robert Vlastelica – 77th place overall
  • Keith Porco – 87th place overall

Individual Delegates

  • Varick Beise – Gold medal first place Open Junior
  • Nate Schmidt – Bronze medal third place Open Junior
  • Josh Erickson – 32nd place overall Open
  • Shaun Muller – 32nd place overall Modified
  • Jeff Chaffin – 75th place overall Open
  • Matthew Haygood – 120th place overall Open
  • B. Creech – 14th place overall Open Super Senior

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