Federal’s New Action Shotgun Ammunition For Multi-Gun Competitors

Federal Ammunition has introduced Action Shotgun ammo designed for Multi-Gun competitors.

posted on June 15, 2023
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Federal Ammunition

Federal Ammunition’s new Action Shotgun shotshell is for competitors within the growing sport of action shotgun. According to the company, this specialized load was created to “deliver a perfect balance of power, shoot-ability, and control needed in multi-gun competitions.”

“Every aspect of this new ammo has been designed to help competitors run their shotgun stages more efficiently and effectively,” Scott Turner, Federal’s shotshell product line manager said. “First and foremost, this product is designed to address and eliminate hand-loading and magazine-feeding issues these athletes often encounter. Second, it delivers the quantity and power that action shotgun shooters were already seeking out. And finally, it uses the ideal components for the ultimate in pattern performance and reliability competitors can depend on.”

Action Shotgun has an overshot card and roll crimp that adds strength and rigidity to the mouth of the shell, allowing for improved cycling in both tube-fed and magazine-fed shotguns. As for the shell cup, it is made of brass-plated steel for reliable feeding and extraction.

Action Shotgun’s 1⅛-ounce payload of high-quality No. 7.5 lead pellets leaves the muzzle at 1,235 f.p.s., a velocity that provides the power needed to knock down targets, along with the shoot-ability to run through a course with both speed and precision.

The new shotshell loads also feature temp-stable powder and proven primers. In addition, Federal Action Shotgun ammo is available in 200-round cases for convenience and reduced waste at the range. Go to federalpremium.com.


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