KC Eusebio Wins 2022 USPSA Federal Ammunition Area 6 Championship

Taurus Shooting Team’s KC Eusebio takes High Overall title at USPSA Area 6 Championship

posted on April 19, 2022
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KC Eusebio of Team Taurus had a tremendous showing at the 2022 USPSA Federal Ammunition Area 6 Championship, taking first place in the Open division and capturing the High Overall spot. The match was held April 7-10 in Salisbury, North Carolina.

Eusebio’s final time was 118.44 seconds. In addition, he had the highest score for five of the 12 stages.

“This was a great way to start the year off, winning Area 6,” said Eusebio. “I’m so very proud of my teammates and their performances. I look forward to training and continuing to excel in our marksmanship throughout the year.”

Other members of the Taurus Shooting Team had excellent performances at the match. Team Captain Jessie Harrison took fifth place in the Single Stack division with a time of 180.88 seconds, while Trent Eichler earned ninth place in Single Stack and placed first in B class with 211.07 seconds.

“Going into this match, I had set a personal goal of top five and at least an 80 percent performance. To reach that goal was a personal win and one step up on the ladder for my goals this year,” said Harrison. “I’m most proud of the team as a whole and the success we won together, KC winning overall and Trent placing first in his class. I know the hard work we have put into this individually, but the support we give to one another is just as much a part of our success. This is going to be a great year for Taurus!”

The newest member of the Taurus Shooting Team, Trent Eichler was thrilled with his performance at the match, as well as that of his teammates.

“Shooting Area 6 was an absolute blast. With it being the first big match of the year, I had a little trouble remembering my stage plans, but having KC and Jessie there helped me get through it and I’m really happy with my performance,” said Eichler. “It’s always nice to have the whole team together because we try to help each other as much as possible and I can’t wait for future matches!”

View the full results of the 2022 USPSA Federal Ammunition Area 6 Championship at the Practiscore website. Learn more about the Taurus Shooting Team at taurususa.com.


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