New Electronic Targets Installed at Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range

posted on July 21, 2016

Above: Justine Jarvis of Connecticut was able to fire on the new electronic targets while at Camp Perry for the National Matches.

Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range will now be home to 10 state-of-the-art outdoor electronic targets, all capable of adapting to rifle, pistol and smallbore shooting. The target technology is provided by Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS), with equipment marketed by CMP Targets.

An official ribbon cutting ceremony was held July 21, 2016, to celebrate the opening of the innovative range and the partnership between the CMP and the Ohio National Guard—which oversees Camp Perry operations.

CMP staff and distinguished guests at Camp Perry’s Petrarca Range cut the ceremonial ribbon that officially opened the new outdoor electronic high power target range.

“The CMP is so excited to share our latest advancement with the local community,” said CMP Program’s Chief Christie Sewell. “It is our hope that this new range will positively promote marksmanship to seasoned shooters as well as those who want to learn in a safe and engaging environment.”

Sewell and distinguished guests such as CPT Michael Yates, base operations supervisor of Camp Perry, and Fort Ohio Commander, COL Barb Herrington-Clemens were on hand to open the upgraded range.

All guests had the opportunity to try out the new electronic targets.

“I really like them, they’re pretty cool,” said Justine Jarvis, 21, of Manchester, CT. Jarvis was in town to shoot the National Trophy rifle matches. “Maybe down the road they can make all of the targets like that!”

Jarvis is a veteran of the National Matches and has previously fired on air gun electronic targets, similar to the ones within the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center at Camp Perry, but she believes these could be a positive step for higher caliber disciplines as well.

“With the whole idea of lining everything up, the sight alignment—out here, it’s much better. You can look down [on the monitors] and actually see what you shot. That’ll help with the mind aspect of this sport,” she said. “I think it’ll be a good thing.”

With the technology that the targets provide, participants were able to instantaneously see their shots scored on monitors beside them. CMP staff members offered each shooter on the firing line guidance.

Petrarca Range contains 10 of the electronic targets: three for pistol and five for rifle. The targets are stocked with KTS technology and are marketed by CMP Targets.

Petrarca Range will be open for the duration of the National Matches to allow competitors and visitors to take their own shots on the KTS targets for free. Guests are encouraged to bring their own rifle, pistol and ammo to use at the range, as no rentals are available.

About the New Petrarca Range
The rifle targets are located at the 100-yard line. The changing of the target faces and the use of reduced target definitions allow shooters to practice for longer distances as well. Pistol targets are mounted in portable carriers that allow them to be set up at 25 or 50 yards.

Other improvements have been made to the covering structure of Petrarca Range as well to accommodate marksmen firing on the targets. Sound deadening material has been added to the interior ceiling of the firing line structure as well as a dividing wall to create a more controlled environment (to be used for firing line operations and as a classroom). New doors and lighting have also been added to the structure, and berm work has been constructed downrange.

The range will be open several Mondays for Open Public Shooting even after the National Matches are over, where only a small fee will be required to fire upon some of the most advanced marksmanship technology available today. Eventually, the CMP would like to have KTS targets available on all of the ranges at Camp Perry.

Camp Perry Location
Camp Perry is located on the shores of Lake Erie, only six miles west of Port Clinton on State Route 2. The entrance is marked by its signature stone towers and checkered water towers standing in the distance.

About KTS Targets
KTS Electronic Targets work through the power of acoustics—“hearing” the shot and accurately determining its location. With extensive use by ranges in 30 nations for over 20 years by Kongsberg Target Systems and even more experience received in-house by the CMP, the accuracy of these electronic targets is unlike anything else in the United States. The CMP is proud to share with its loyal customers and competitors these targets that are certain to be known as the way of the future.


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