New: Hammerli Arms Forge H1 Pistol

Paying homage to the legendary 1911, Hammerli’s new Forge H1 rimfire pistol fits in standard 1911 holsters and costs $399.

posted on January 17, 2024
Hammerli Forge 1
The new Hammerli Forge H1 .22 LR pistol (Model No. 5170500, MSRP: $399) has a five-inch barrel and 12-round capacity.
Hammerli Arms

Hammerli Arms recently announced the new Forge H1 rimfire pistol to its product line. A 1911-style .22 LR with 12-round capacity, the Forge H1 comes in 4¼- and five-inch barrel models.

More from Hammerli Arms: “Paying respect to the legendary 1911 style, the Forge H1 embodies a timeless design built from the fires of defiance. Crafted with precision in mind, and chambered in .22 LR, this pistol includes customizable features, enhanced capabilities and power.”

Hammerli Forge F1
Overall length of the Forge H1 five-inch barrel model is 9.4 inches. Empty weight is 34 ounces.


Sporting a threaded barrel, which allows for attaching suppressors or muzzle devices, the Forge H1 can also be personalized with aftermarket 1911 grips. The durable cerakote finish provides protection from harsh elements and environments. In addition, it will fit in standard 1911 holsters.

“We have no doubt the Forge H1 will blaze a new trail with its adaptability, accuracy and modernized upgrades, like the customizable pistol grip and a threaded barrel to attach a suppressor or muzzle device,” Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development said. “If you’re looking for a firearm that can protect you when it matters most, and has the ability to spark conversation between generations, you’ve found it in the Forge H1.”

Two magazines are included with purchase of the Hammerli Arms Forge H1 pistol.

MSRP for the Hammerli Arms Forge H1 .22 LR rimfire pistol is $399 (both 4¼-inch and five-inch models). Learn more at


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