New: Redding Reloading Metric Bullet Seating Micrometers

Redding Reloading has introduced a new Metric Bullet Seating Micrometer product line.

posted on October 11, 2023
Reddingmetricbulletseat 1
Now, it’s easier than ever to fine-tune your favorite loads or take the guess work out of loading multiple bullet types utilizing the same seating die.
Redding Reloading

Redding Reloading has introduced a new line of Metric Bullet Seating Micrometers for rifle and handgun cartridges. Now, handloaders and reloaders can make fast, accurate changes to bullet seating depth with a metric measuring scale if preferred.

Designed to exacting parameters, the micrometer sleeve sports both whole and half-millimeter increments. As for the micrometer barrel, it is precisely marked with 50 divisions of 0.02-millimeter increments, and one whole revolution will represent one millimeter. Additionally, Redding Bullet Seating Micrometers are designed for use with most standard Redding Seating Dies and provide a direct replacement for the original seat plug.

The new Redding Bullet Seating Micrometers for bottleneck cartridges are available for traditional bullet shapes (STD), as well as very-low-drag bullet shapes (VLD). They are also available for handgun and straight-wall cartridges with traditional bullet shapes and flat-nose bullet designs (FLAT).

Learn more about the new Metric Bullet Seating Micrometers line and the entire lineup of Redding Reloading Equipment products at


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