Score Sheets: A Free Way To Share Your Local Match Results

Score Sheets is a free service offered by Shooting Sports USA, the NRA’s competitive shooting journal, that will help share the news about your club’s matches. All clubs are encouraged to send us local match reports for our monthly Score Sheets section.

posted on May 2, 2024
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The Reporter’s Worksheet (pictured above) is available to download in PDF format. There must be a few thousand old, out-of-date copies out there so please use them at the next marshmallow roast and download the current version.
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There is no better way to spread the news about your club’s latest competition than the Shooting Sports USA Score Sheets section, which is dedicated to sharing local match results from around the country. Score Sheets is published every month in the digital magazine.

For your match report, you will want to tell your fellow competitors how your event went, beginning with who won, how they won and what equipment they used. Including the weather conditions is also good to have. In addition, be sure to describe the highlights of your match and what may have made it different from another one.

Score Sheets
Here’s a Score Sheets example that was published in the April 2024 issue.


Submitting a local match report for inclusion in the monthly Shooting Sports USA Score Sheets section is easy. Tell us how your match went with our simple-to-use Reporter’s Worksheet. You can download the Reporter’s Worksheet in PDF format at this link. This form serves as a standardized layout for Score Sheets and is helpful as a checklist for often-missed items, such as hometowns and club names. If you need more room for your match report—no problem—you can include it in your submission as a separate document, or you can even just write it in the body of your email.

You also don’t want to forget to include great photographs with your Score Sheets submission. Send the photos as separate files. Photographs taken with your phone are fine to use, but high-quality pictures from a nice camera are even better.

The top three mistakes that we see in Score Sheets submissions are incomplete sections, illegible handwriting and a lack of photographs.

After you’ve completed your Score Sheets submission, send it to us via email at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing your local match results.

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