Silencer Central Reaches 100,000 ATF eForm Approvals In 2024

Silencer Central notched a remarkable achievement this year—100,000 ATF eForm approvals.

posted on May 13, 2024
Silencercentral 100K 4
At its Sioux Falls, South Dakota, headquarters, Silencer Central has a 45,000 square-foot facility that houses thousands of suppressors, including the company’s popular BANISH lineup.
Photo by John Parker

South-Dakota-based Silencer Central recently announced that the company has reached a huge milestone—100,000 ATF eForm approvals.

Silencer Central ships suppressors straight to the doors of its customers, an innovative approach that streamlines the suppressor-buying process.

Brandon Maddox
Pictured above is Brandon Maddox, founder and chief executive officer of Silencer Central.


The founder of Silencer Central, Brandon Maddox, developed the system after drawing on his experiences in dealing with controlled substances when he worked in the pharmaceutical world. Silencer Central’s entire business model has been created around making the process simple for consumers to navigate.

The rapid growth of Silencer Central is a true American success story. From America’s 1st Freedom Editor-in-Chief Frank Miniter’s June 2020 interview with Maddox: “[He] is a pharmacist with an MBA who got into varmint hunting when he moved to South Dakota years ago. He found that using a suppressor upped his game, but he had trouble navigating the system to get one. He also wasn’t happy with the product that was then available to him. So, he went and built Silencer Central.”

A key obstacle for Silencer Central’s mission is the unique regulatory framework that governs suppressor sales. For years, this fact has created a bottleneck for firearm owners interested in purchasing suppressors. The company worked with the ATF to create electronic Form 4 approval processes in order to cut down that wait time. Now with 100,000 ATF eForm approvals, it is clear that this approach has worked.

Silencer Central booth
Silencer Central customers submitting ATF eForm 4 applications onsite at the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits, in Indianapolis last April. The same service will be available at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Dallas, Texas, later this month.


Notably, at the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Indianapolis, Indiana, last April, the company debuted its on-the-spot ATF eForm 4 application submission service with the purchase of a suppressor. Attendees could purchase a suppressor at the Silencer Central booth, have their photo and fingerprints taken, generate their free NFA Gun Trust, receive assistance registering for their account and submit forms to the ATF, all during the event. Customers could even set up a no fees, no-interest payment plan with a $199 down payment. The same service will be available at the Silencer Central booth during the 2024 NRA Annual Meetings in Dallas, Texas, later this month.

“We make buying silencers simple,” Maddox said. “While others might say they share that claim, we continue to lead the pack with our investment in innovation and technology while approaching our customer experience with a lens for continuous improvement. We are always thinking about doing what we do best, better.”

At its Sioux Falls, South Dakota, headquarters, Silencer Central has a 45,000 square-foot building to house inventory. Additionally, there are Silencer Central-licensed locations and an FFL in every state where suppressors are legal.

Not only does Silencer Central simplify the suppressor-buying process, the company has its own lineup of suppressors and provides other services, including barrel-threading and guidance on establishing NFA trusts.

Using controlled flow technology and a vented fourth baffle, the Silencer Central BANISH Speed K minimizes gas blowback for a better shooting experience.


Recently, Silencer Central announced a new product geared towards law enforcement, the BANISH Speed K, a full-auto rated, 5.56-caliber suppressor with clipped-wall baffles and a finned blast chamber. The BANISH Speed K was designed through a partnership with Federal Ammunition as the “perfect suppressor for law enforcement.”

At just four-inches long and with a two-inch diameter, the BANISH Speed K is perfect for close-quarters work for SWAT teams and for duty rifles. In addition, the compact size helps reduce the risk of the rifle getting hung up when speed counts. According to the company, this new suppressor offers 138.5 decibels at the shooter’s ear on a 10.5-inch barrel in 5.56 mm, helping to protect the officers’ hearing in close situations.

As for the first sale of the new BANISH Speed K silencer to law enforcement agencies, the Pasco, Washington, Police Department has purchased 110 units for its officers after exhaustive testing.

Learn more about Silencer Central at


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