USPSA: How It’s Organized And Where You Can Compete

USPSA is an association of clubs located across the United States competing under the same rulebook and are divided into eight multi-state areas.

at USPSA posted on May 11, 2024
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USPSA matches are conducted every week by more than 450 affiliated clubs located around the United States.
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If you’re intrigued by USPSA competition, I can’t recommend enough that you contact a local USPSA club representative and make a visit to the range. Experiencing a match in person will teach you more in a few hours than what we could possibly convey here. The nuances and variety inherent in USPSA competition are best appreciated when shown firsthand by seasoned competitors. USPSA shooters are renowned for their friendliness and eagerness to assist newcomers, so don’t hesitate to inquire.

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Founded in 1983, USPSA currently boasts more than 38,000 members that participate in its dynamic style of competition.



USPSA Area Map
USPSA clubs are grouped into “Sections,” which themselves are grouped into eight multi-state “Areas.” There are more than 730 USPSA-affiliated (and Steel Challenge) clubs located across the United States and around the world.


USPSA is an “association” of independent clubs and individuals. Although all adhere to the same rulebook, each club operates as a collective of local volunteers united by their love for shooting. Clubs select their leadership and designate contacts to help integrate newcomers. The commitment of these volunteers is vital; their efforts cultivate the spirit of the sport and underline the significance of connecting with local clubs.

To discover a club near you, visit the USPSA website and use the “Find a Club” map. Simply enter your location details, and the tool will display clubs in your area along with contact information. Collectively, approximately 460 USPSA and 270 Steel Challenge clubs ensure fair play, fostering a competitive environment that is equitable and deeply valued by USPSA participants.

USPSA match
Every USPSA competition—including the national championships—relies on volunteers, all of whom serve as the backbone of the organization.



USPSA-affiliated clubs are organized into “Sections,” each overseen by a section coordinator. These coordinators manage local events like section championships and act as liaisons for clubs within their section. They will inform you about local matches and may invite you to attend or connect you with a club that’s close by. Sections are grouped into multi-state “Areas” numbered 1 through 8. For instance, the sections in New Mexico and Arizona comprise part of Area 2, while those in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio are part of Area 5.

Every four years, members from each Area elect an Area Director to the USPSA Board of Directors. These directors organize Area-level championships and make pivotal policy decisions for USPSA.

The USPSA Board comprises the eight Area Directors and the President, who is elected by the members for a four-year term. The President, aided by the home office and remote staff, is tasked with organizing the national championship. The USPSA team includes a Managing Director, a Director of the National Range Officers Institute, a Director of Media and Marketing and a Director of Information Technology.

As a new USPSA shooter, you’ll join the ranks of local volunteers who are the lifeblood of USPSA events. Every match, including national championships, relies on the dedication of these volunteers. They form the backbone of our organization; without them—especially the officials who handle registration, mentor new shooters, oversee range safety and manage scoring—there would be no competition and, consequently, no fun.

Article from the 2024 Annual edition of USPSA’s magazine.


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