Best Of SHOT Show 2024: Top Optics, Ammunition And Gear

Here we’ve gathered 20 of the best new optics, ammo and gear that our team found on the show floor at SHOT Show 2024.

posted on March 26, 2024
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Kahles’ new K328i 3.5-28X 50 mm first-focal-plane riflescope debuted at SHOT Show 2024 in January, and with a 40 percent wider field of view compared to the venerable K525i at 25X magnification, this optic is a potential game-changer for long-range shooters. MSRP: $4,299.
Photo by John Parker

Every year, top firearm brands and new-on-the-scene innovators bring their creations to Las Vegas in January to wow the world at SHOT Show 2024, including optics, ammunition and more.

This comprehensive list has 20 optics, ammo and more gear that the Shooting Sports USA team thinks represents the cream of the crop of all the new products (excluding firearms) making their debut at SHOT Show this year. (More interested in new firearms? Don’t miss our best of SHOT Show 2024 pistol, rifle and shotgun roundups that were published in previous articles.)


Leupold Mark 4HD
Manufacturer photos. Optics not shown to scale.

Leupold Mark 4HD Riflescopes. The new Mark 4HD line of riflescopes have a 4:1 zoom ratio across all models, along with reductions in both weight and cost. Options include both first- and second-focal-plane options, removable throw lever, MIL or MOA adjustments, 30 mm or 34 mm tube diameters and multiple reticles—including the new PR3-MIL. These new Leupold scopes serve as a cost-effective entryway to high-quality long-range optics. Five different magnification ranges are available in the Mark 4HD lineup, including 1-4.5X 24 mm, 2.5-10X 42 mm, 4.5-18X 52 mm, 6-24X 52 mm and 8-32X 56 mm. The 1-4.5X 24 mm and 2.5-10X 42 mm models have 30 mm maintubes. All 1-4.5X 24 mm models are second-focal-plane optics, while the 2.5-10X 42 mm model is available in first- or second-focal-plane. MSRP: $999.99 to $1,599.99, depending on model,

Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30X 56mm
Manufacturer photo.

Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30X 56 mm MOA. Revamped for 2024, Bushnell debuted an MOA version of its popular Match Pro ED 5-30X 56 mm optic at SHOT Show 2024. The Match Pro has a 34 mm maintube, with windage and elevation adjustments provided in ¼-MOA clicks for a total of 100 MOA of elevation adjustments and 50 MOA of windage adjustments. Additional features of this first-focal-plane optic include a glass-etched reticle, premium ED and EXO glass coatings and 11 different brightness settings. MSRP: $749.99,

Kahles K328i 3.5-28X 50 mm
Manufacturer photos.

Kahles K328i 3.5-28X 50 mm Riflescope. New from Kahles is the K328i 3.5-28X 50 mm optic, which has a 40 percent wider field of view when compared to the K525i at 25X magnification. A first-focal-plane riflescope, the reticles are illuminated with two options available—the SKMR+ and the SKMR4+. Maintube size is 36 mm. Windage adjustment is on the left (or right) with Kahles’ twist guard rotation protection, while the parallax adjustment is integrated in the top-mounted elevation turret. MSRP: $4,299,

Manufacturer photo.

EOTECH Vudu X Series. The new Vudu X series of riflescopes from EOTECH was among the more popular launches at SHOT Show 2024. Cnstructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, Vudu X scopes have AR-coated glass for durability and clarity. Introductory models feature a second-focal-plane optic designed for quick and accurate targeting at all magnification levels, plus an illuminated reticle for low-light conditions. The new models are available in 1-6X 24 mm and 2-12X 40 mm magnifications, and feature a 30 mm maintube and a removable throw lever. With MOA adjustments, the DP1 reticle offers a duplex crosshair, while the BD1 provides the shooter holds at two-MOA increments for long-range engagements. MSRP: $799 to $859, depending on the model,

C-MORE Systems RTS3
Manufacturer photo.

C-MORE Systems RTS3. Engineered for pistols, rifles and shotguns, the C-MORE RTS3 boasts a large aspherical lens and a high-performance LED in three-, six- and eight-MOA dot sizes. With a compact footprint, the RTS3 is constructed from a tough aircraft-grade aluminum housing and sports a side-loading battery tray and integrated base plate for durability. Electronic enhancements include raised buttons, two night and 10 daylight brightness levels and a shake-to-wake feature. Available in June. MSRP: $749,

Burris FastFire C
Manufacturer photo.

Burris FastFire C. This new red-dot optic from Burris weighs less than an ounce and features “Always On” technology, boasting an extensive 25,000-hour run time. The low-profile nature of this optic allows for absolute or 1/3 co-witness with most factory iron sights. Customize your visibility with options for Sporting Intelligent Auto-Bright and manual illumination settings. The FastFire C sports an RMSc footprint and is shockproof, fogproof and water-resistant. If all that isn’t enough, the Fast Fire C is also equipped with backup open sights and a removable rear fixed sight. MSRP: $276,

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar
Manufacturer photo.

Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec M2 Solar. This red-dot sight ideal for close- to mid-range engagements and features a solar panel and automatic brightness adjustment. The reticle is a three-MOA red dot with 110 MOA of elevation adjustment at your disposal. The housing of this red-dot optic is constructed from tough 6061-T6 aluminum with a matte black finish, and the Mini Shot M-Spec can be mounted easily to either a Weaver or Picatinny rail. MSRP: $299.97,

Swarovski AX Visio 10X 32 mm
Manufacturer photo.

Swarovski AX Visio 10X 32 mm Smart Binoculars. These smart binoculars powered by AI can identify birds and mammals with only a few button presses. A front-mounted dial changes the mode, and the AX Visio can even take pictures. During SHOT Show 2024, the AX Visio prototype was able to identify the horse in Winchester’s logo on a banner located about 100 yards away, although it identified it in German instead of English. There are plans to add more functionality to the platform in the future, such as scoring deer antlers. MSRP: $4,799,


Staccato Match 9 mm ammo
Manufacturer photo.

Staccato Match 9 mm Ammo. Well recognized for making 2011s, Staccato dove into the ammunition market this year, now producing both target and hollow-point cartridges optimized for use in 2011s. The Match ammunition in Staccato brass has a Hornady Action Pistol 125-grain bullet traveling at 1,050 f.p.s. muzzle velocity. Staccato reports one-inch groups at 25 yards with the Match ammunition through a four-inch test barrel. MSRP: $29.95 for a 50-round box,

Staccato Range 9 mm Ammo
Manufacturer photo.

Staccato Range 9 mm Ammo. At SHOT Show 2024, Staccato also announced a new 9 mm Range cartridge sporting a 124-grain projectile traveling at 1,130 f.p.s. muzzle velocity. This bullet and case are produced by Staccato. The company reports two-inch groups at 25 yards with the Range ammunition through a four-inch test barrel. MSRP: $22.95 for a 50-round box,

Winchester E-Tech Shotshells
Manufacturer photo.

Winchester E-Tech Shotshells. Winchester’s new E-Tech shotshells are loaded with the BioAmmo one-piece, four-petal shot wad. Over time, these plant-based wads will degrade into natural elements without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the biopolymer wads have been engineered to match the performance of traditional plastic components for reliable and effective performance on target. Two Winchester E-Tech loads are available at launch. One is a 12-gauge, 2¾-inch, 1⅛-ounce No. 7.5 load with 1,200 f.p.s. velocity, while the other is a 12-gauge, 2¾-inch, one-ounce No. 6 load with 1,325 f.p.s. velocity. MSRP: $14.95 per 25-round box,

Browning SUB22 Subsonic .22 LR
Manufacturer photo.

Browning SUB22 Subsonic .22 LR Ammo. Browning Ammunition’s new SUB22 is a subsonic .22 Long Rifle ammunition purpose built for use in semi-automatic pistols equipped with suppressors. This new SUB22 .22 LR ammo uses a 45-grain black copper-plated lead round-nose bullet and is designed to remain subsonic through pistol-length barrels. In addition, the heavy bullet uses recoil energy to reliably cycle actions. Browning’s reported muzzle velocity for SUB22 ammo is 1,060 f.p.s., dropping to 1,027 f.p.s. at 25 yards. As for energy, from the muzzle it’s 112 foot-pounds and goes down to 94 foot-pounds at 25 yards. MSRP: $12.50 per 100-round box,

Norma Xtreme LR-22
Manufacturer photo.

Norma Xtreme LR-22. Norma’s .22 Long Rifle Xtreme rimfire cartridges have an elongated tip for better aerodynamics, along with a streamlined base that results in a lower amount of pressure at the tail, providing not only a higher speed over distance, but also increasing accuracy. Seated in a brass case, the 43-grain XLR .22 LR bullet travels at 1,165 f.p.s. velocity from the muzzle. A great choice for rimfire long-range target shooting with its flat, stable trajectory, the increased weight of the bullet also helps to lower crosswind fluctuation for high precision beyond 300 yards. MSRP: $24.39 per 50-round box,


Ace VR app
Manufacturer photo.

Ace VR App and Handset Combo. If traditional dry-fire practice bores you, Ace has an exciting new virtual reality shooting app for Meta Quest 2 and 3 VR headsets that can help build shooting fundamentals and keep you sharp. The Ace VR app pairs with the company’s Arctus handset that mimics the size, weight, and trigger feel of a real handgun, and even has a working mag release button. After seeing it in action at Ace’s booth during SHOT Show 2024, it’s safe to say that this VR app lives up to the hype. Cost is $228 per year,

Nexbelt inner belt
Manufacturer photo.

Nexbelt Inner EDC Belt. This hook-and-loop inner belt is compatible with most duty and tactical belts. A ratcheting, 1½-inch, one-size-fits-all belt, it can be cut to size and will fit up to a 50-inch waist. A narrow buckle maximizes contacting surface area with the hook or loop fabric (your choice) on the outer surface of the belt, and is also reinforced on the top and bottom, which prevents the material from catching on your clothes. This utilitarian belt is designed to keep your gear firmly in place and provides for swift removal of an outer belt without the need to reconfigure your equipment. MSRP: $69.99,

Real Avid Bore-Max Master Cleaning Kit/Mobile Workstation
Manufacturer photo.

Real Avid Bore-Max Master Cleaning Kit/Mobile Workstation. Priced less than $200, this self-contained kit includes a Master-series, O-ring sealed, clamshell workstation with rechargeable work light, plus an assortment of tools and accessories for multiple firearms within stacking sections. Locking rubber gun-gripper yokes will cradle long guns, and there is a compression-lock three-piece speed cleaning rod, along with brushes, jags, steel picks, a bore guide and many more maintenance tools. MSRP: $199,

M1823 Grip Module
Manufacturer photo.

Brouwer Solutions M1823 Steel Grip Module. Brouwer Solutions’ M1811 Grip Module fixed ergonomic issues the company found with the SIG P320, including the high bore axis, rounded slippery grip and short beavertail. This grip brings the feeling of a 2011 with a 107.5-degree front strap angle and 67.5-degree backstrap angle. The beaver tail is also moved up with this module to reduce height over bore and prevent slide bite. Brouwer Solutions put thought into every bit of this module with 25 line-per-inch checkering and simulated side scales for a stiffer grip. This year they stepped it up a notch, trading the eight-ounce polymer for 1.52 pounds of heat-treated 4130 chromoly steel. In addition, the M1823 has a full-length dust cover, fastener-less rear dust cover insert, competition-style texturing and armor lube DLC finish. MSRP: $674.95 for steel, $89.95 for polymer,

Magpul AMAG 17
Manufacturer photo.

Magpul AMAG 17 SG9 Metal Pistol Magazine. Magpul’s new AMAG line of magazines switches the familiar polymer body with a stainless steel one. Debuting first in the Magpul AMAG lineup is the AMAG 17 SG9 magazine, a 17-round SIG 9 mm handgun mag sporting a stainless-steel body with polymer sub-components that is compatible with SIG Sauer’s P320/M17 family of pistols. These new magazines have a high-visibility, controlled-tilt follower, stainless-steel spring, flared floorplate (easily removable for cleaning and routine maintenance), paint-pen dot matrix for magazine marking, plus capacity-indicator windows beginning at five rounds that continue along the spine of the magazine in one-round increments. MSRP: $34.95,

AMP's RAMP bipod adapter
Photo by Serena Juchnowski.

Annealing Made Perfect RAMP Bipod Adapter. While still at the conceptual stage, New Zealand-based Annealing Made Perfect displayed its new RAMP bipod adapter at SHOT Show 2024. This new product—designed for F-Class, Precision Rifle Series and hunting—shows promise, especially for shooters that struggle adjusting their bipods while in position. RAMP is an acronym for Rapid Adjustable Modular Platform, and it’s compatible with most bipods. The RAMP bipod adapter allows shooters to rapidly adjust the height of their bipods without the need to come off the rifle. Mounting to the rifle via ARCA, Picatinny rail or sling mount, the RAMP also includes a removable handle. Expected MSRP: $500-$600,

Longshot Ranger
Manufacturer photo.

Longshot Ranger. The brand-new Longshot Ranger allows shooters to observe shots in real-time without having to get out of position. Using this camera eliminates having to walk back and forth to a target, saving time and preventing an elevated heart rate between strings of fire. It fits in a range bag, connects via Wi-Fi and allows you to mark shots via app and locate your previous shot. The Longshot Ranger will work out to 100 yards. Adding a receiver will increase the range to 1,000 yards. The Ranger and receiver come together in the Ranger+ kit. MSRP: $199 for the Ranger, $399 for the Ranger+ kit,


Black Coyote Sunshade
Manufacturer photo.

Black Coyote Sunshade. While not a product that made its debut at SHOT Show 2024, we feel this product is worthy of inclusion on our list. The Black Coyote Sunshade was developed by NRA instructor and Black Coyote team shooter David Wilson after experimenting with other glare reducing options and not being satisfied with them. The Black Coyote Sunshade is designed to fit over the bill of your cap to eliminate sun glare and block peripheral distractions. Made of quilted black fabric, this sunshade has an opening which slips over the bill of your cap, and straps that secure around the back of your head with a hook and loop fastener. It will not interfere with ear muffs or other types of hearing protection. Quick to put on and off, it also folds up small enough to slip into your pocket or bag while not in use. Perhaps best of all, you can get 25 percent off the purchase price by entering the discount code “SSUSA” at checkout. MSRP: $29.95,

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