Competitors’ Corner: May 2024

Highlights from the May 2024 issue of Shooting Sports USA, the NRA’s competitive shooting journal.

posted on April 30, 2024
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Brian Shanholtz topped the 2024 NRA World Shooting Championship leaderboard to win the $25,000 grand prize over a talented field of shooters, including former match champions Greg Jordan, Bruce Piatt and Tim Yackley.
May 2024 cover photo by Serena Juchnowski

On the cover is Brian Shanholtz, this year’s undisputed NRA World Shooting Champion. During the three-day tournament at Camp Atterbury, Ind., in April, Shanholtz catapulted to the top of the leaderboard, besting top competitive shooters and former champions such as Jerry Miculek, Bruce Piatt, Greg Jordan, Todd Jarrett and many more. Along with being crowned the 2024 NRA World Shooting Champion, he was presented the grand prize of $25,000. Marksmanship talent runs in the family, as Shanholtz’s son, Cole, also won the High Junior title. You can read all about the Shanholtz father-son duo and more about this unparalleled competition in my match report.

In Product Focus, Frank Melloni reviews the Crosman 3622 PCP, a versatile pre-charged pneumatic air rifle that can double as a rimfire trainer, especially for Smallbore Silhouette competition. Sold in a kit with a three-stage high-pressure hand pump for $219 (or as a standalone rifle), the Crosman 3622 PCP is a best buy as an entry-level air rifle. In his review, Melloni said, “it’s an excellent rifle to have in your collection, regardless of what you plan on using it for.” Hats off to Crosman for bringing cost-effective pre-charged pneumatic technology to the masses.

Desirae Edmunds
Desirae Edmunds is the only woman to win the National Sporting Clays Association Championship Tour Ladies title six consecutive times.


Shotgunner Desirae Edmunds is the only woman to win the National Sporting Clays Association Championship Tour Ladies title a whopping six consecutive times. Not only that, she has achieved unmatched success in the sport, landing titles at just about all the major Sporting Clays and FITASC shoots, both domestic and abroad. You won’t want to miss Maggie Kelch’s interview with Edmunds, which outlines her humble start in the shooting sports at an Alaska youth course, going on to become one of the top woman shooters on the NSCA Championship Tour.

Vintage Military Rifle is a sport that only allows historic firearms that were in general issue with a country’s military. Observing different period rifles on the Vintage Military Rifle firing line can be just as fun as the competition itself. This month, Field Editor Art Merrill shares an intriguing option for Vintage Military Rifle competition, the Model 1891 Argentine, a classic military arm derived from the Mauser Model 1889. Read all about it in his article.

Know Your Limits competition
In his article about Know Your Limits rimfire rifle competition, Field Editor Chris Christian said, “It may not be long before it becomes a national organization.”


Know Your Limits is a new Rimfire Rifle shooting discipline that is easy to learn but tough to master. Shooters fire at eight tiny steel plates arranged from largest to smallest on a rack at 50 or 100 yards and must be hit from left to right. Plate sizes start at two inches (100-yard plates are ½-inch larger), descending in size in ¼-inch increments. The twist: only one round is allowed per plate, with any missed plate ending a shooter’s relay. Although not an “official” sport with a governing body, Know Your Limits has quickly become a favorite at clubs across the country. In his article about this exciting new discipline, Field Editor Chris Christian outlines what you can expect to see before attending a Know Your Limits competition.

John Parker
Editor-in-Chief, Shooting Sports USA

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Knowyourlimits 1
Knowyourlimits 1

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