New: Walker’s Disrupter Earbuds

Walker’s Disrupter electronic earbuds sport both active noise and rapid impulse noise cancellation, plus four total microphones for true 360-degree directional audio.

posted on February 7, 2023
Walker's Disruptor1

The new Disrupter electronic earbuds announced by Walker’s last month at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nev., protect hearing by canceling dangerous noises, as well as provide high-quality audio for desired environmental sounds or via Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet.

For sound management, the Disrupter has four key features. First is forward focus mode, which uses each earbud’s dual microphones to emphasize sounds originating forward and minimizing peripheral noise. This mode is useful for shooting steel at long range. The four total microphones also provide 360-degree directional sound, allowing the wearers to better identify the location of a particular sound. To deliver a better listening experience, active noise cancellation reduces background noise. Finally, new IC technology allows for rapid impulse noise cancellation to protect the user from hearing loss.

Additionally, Walker’s Disrupter earbuds have five ambient sound settings—Universal, Clear Voice, High-Frequency Boost, Power Boost and Custom—that allow the user to choose the perfect listening mode for the activity and environment.

Operation of the Disrupter earbuds is performed through the Walker’s Link 2.0 app, where users can change sound settings, adjust volume, monitor battery levels and adjust the auto shut-off time via their mobile device or smart watch. Firmware updates are also performed via the Walker’s Link 2.0 app.

Two styles of in-ear tips are included with the Disrupter earbuds. Three different sizes of noise-reducing foam ear tips allow for a custom fit and are intended for use when hearing protection is the goal. For general sound enhancement use—such as entertainment or communication—the included silicone in-ear tips should be used.

Purchase of the Disrupter earbuds also includes a USB charging case with the assorted ear tips. Battery charge should last up to six hours when Bluetooth streaming, or up to 11 hours while in ambient mode.

MSRP for the new Walker’s Disrupter earbuds is $279.99. Visit to learn more.


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