Reading Rifle Hosts Combined Expert And Junior High Power Rifle Clinic In April

Massachusetts’ Reading Rifle and Revolver Club holds combined high power clinic for experienced and junior shooters in April.

posted on May 3, 2024
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Attendees at Reading Rifle and Revolver Club’s high power rifle clinic learned the ins and outs of the sport and the use of electronic targets, along with detailed instruction in prone, rapid prone, rapid sitting and offhand.
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On Sunday, April 14, 2024, Reading Rifle and Revolver Club in Reading, Massachusetts, conducted a combination high power rifle clinic for adults with some experience, along with beginning and advanced junior shooters.

Reading Rifle and Revolver Club is one of New England’s oldest high power rifle clubs. The club is active in promoting the shooting sports and helping competitors improve their skills, with the hopes of encouraging more participation in matches at home and away.

Reading Rifle High Power Rifle Clinic
After an introduction to electronic targets, students at the Reading Rifle and Revolver Club high power rifle clinic went to the 200-yard line with their coaches.


Our coaches all had master to high-master qualifications and came from Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut and, of course, Massachusetts. These qualified coaches were happy to volunteer their time and included CMP High Power Manager Brian Williams, CMP Maine State Director Brian Murphy and Massachusetts State Director Maureen Trickett. All three coaches shoot at Reading Rifle and Revolver Club on a regular basis, along with many other great shooters, and all are willing to help new individuals at any of the matches.

We like to run clinics early in the season to help new shooters so they have a great new season where they can see improvements in their scores and gain more experience.

The clinic started with an introduction to electronic targets, including how to set them up and how they work. Students then proceeded to the 200-yard line with their coaches. We were able to have a two-to-one ratio and, in a few cases, a three-to-two ratio of students to coaches. Our left-handed shooters were also placed with a southpaw, Coach Larry Cabana, who could analyze their position better and probably faster than a right-handed instructor.

Students were run through slow prone, rapid prone, rapid sitting and offhand. They watched as their coaches demonstrated the position first before being put in the position and corrected, if necessary. Participants then fired approximately five to 10 rounds to practice the position. Questions were answered, and zeros were written down in data books. This part of the clinic took about 3½ hours.

Next, we took a short 20-minute break to hydrate and snack. After that, it was time to pit coach against coach and see the results of the coaching skills, just to give the students a taste of competition and timing.

The match started in offhand, with each student given two sighters and 10 record shots in 12 minutes. Coaching was permitted. Next was sitting rapids (staying in position), with two sighters and 10 shots rapid in 63 seconds. This was a challenge for each student’s focus, not only for time, but concentrating while a coach is yelling “good” or a correction “favor right” while shooting. The expressions on both the student and the coach after firing was priceless.

Prone rapids came next (again in position), with two sighters and 10 record shots in 73 seconds. Determination to clean the target could now be seen on the competitors’ faces. Fun exchanges could be heard between students and coaches. The best part was all firing was done in both relays, leaving more than 15 seconds left on the clock. A little adrenaline rush, maybe, but the scores were impressive.

A round of slow prone was on the schedule, but it started to rain and the radar showed more coming in. We did not want to end the clinic soaked, so the match ended after rapids. Some caught up in the competition wanted to continue, while others at that point were happy to finish.

Students cleaned up the yard lines and helped take the electronic targets down. Back in the clubhouse, match results were tallied and medals were handed out. Teams were surprised at how well they did, and students and coaches were congratulated by all.

The day ended with a quick show designed to aid new competitors that are heading to this summer’s National Matches, including tips on how to pack a stool and suggested items to carry in their backpacks. After group photos and a few handshakes, the day was done after starting at 9:00 a.m. and finishing at 3:00 p.m. And, of course, the sun came back out after we put the targets away. But, that is okay. There are many more matches to come.

We hope all who attended the clinic take what they learned and apply it to future matches.

Reading Rifle and Revolver Club runs matches almost every weekend in the season. Learn more about the club at

Learn more about CMP at


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