Reading Rifle Club: Building For The Future

Reading Rifle and Revolver Club in Reading, Mass., is expanding to make a better experience for its members.

posted on June 3, 2024
Readingclubexpansion 1
Reading Rifle and Revolver Club’s expansion efforts includes adding e-targets to its high power range and an overhauled clubhouse.
Photo courtesy of Reading Rifle and Revolver Club

The Reading Rifle and Revolver Club in Reading, Massachusetts, is building for the future of the shooting sports.

This journey started by taking one large range and splitting it into three separate ranges: one action shooting range with no blue sky, a pistol range (25 feet) with some metal targets for rifle and benches at 100 yards, along with a third range with 20 smallbore spots with benches for rifle and pistol. 

The third range has distances at 25 feet, 50 feet, 50 meters, 50 yards, 100 yards and a gong house at 165 yards. All three ranges have covered firing lines. Splitting the range into three gives more flexibility for members and for running matches and other events.

However, Reading Rifle and Revolver Club did not stop there. The focus was then moved to our high power range with distances of 200, 300, 500 and 600 yards. Gone are the paper targets (we still have them for practice) and the pulling of targets. Now, the club has 13 electronic targets for junior and adult training and club high power competitions. Club members can also bring their own electronic targets and use them for training. No more bribing someone to come and pull your target.

High Power shooters
The Reading Rifle & Revolver Club has 13 SIUS electronic targets for junior and adult training and club high power competitions.


The club also updated the indoor/outdoor house that we use to shoot 200-yard matches all through the winter, with radiant heat to make our competitors more comfortable while shooting or training. This improvement was very welcomed by me—no more frozen fingers or freezing while coaching the junior relay.

You may be saying to yourself, “Wow, that is a lot of improvements.” Well, Reading Rifle and Revolver Club is not done yet. Moving inside the clubhouse, the club tore out the old kitchen, and in came the new. This new kitchen has received heavy use, especially during junior events.

The clubhouse itself was sided and the inside all freshly painted, including our indoor range. Radiant heat was also added to the indoor range for those cold winter days, along with Wi-Fi and new electrical outlets that were donated by our advanced junior team.

Reading Rifle & Revolver Club's new building
The Reading Rifle & Revolver Club is adding a new building to house an air gun range and classroom.


The big change inside came from the advanced junior rifle team. After much fundraising (five years), the team purchased 10 electronic SUIS targets with lifters and monitors. The team uses these targets for training and matches. The club hosted its first NCAA match this year and are currently on the schedule to host again next school year, with hopes of expanding to other NCAA teams. The best part is that the kids raised the money for these targets all by themselves and did not have to ask for any money from the club.

After all this, we have not even gotten to the best part yet. The club is adding a 60x60 building to house a new air range and classroom. Reading will now be able to train air rifle without having to move the electronic targets back and forth and have more time for clinics and matches. Now, the club can host matches and run two ranges at the same time: air rifle in one and smallbore in the other. Even more exciting, Reading is exploring developing new classes for juniors, adults and the entire family. The addition will enable us to expand and promote the shooting sports for all ages and the future.

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