Results: 2023-2024 JROTC Three-Position Postal Championship

Final scores have been announced for the 2023-2024 JROTC Three-Position Postal Championship.

posted on January 12, 2024
2023 24 JROTC Postal 2
Leading precision scorer Kameron Wells is team captain at Granbury and is committed to the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) team in the fall.

The results are in for the 2023-2024 JROTC Three-Position Postal Air Rifle Championship. The competition was facilitated by the CMP, running from September to December.

The JROTC Postal Championship is a three-position competition where high school sporter and precision air rifle athletes from across the country fire upon official targets at their home ranges and return them to the CMP for scoring. Teams and individuals are ranked against one another, with top competitors moving on to the JROTC Service Championships—set to be held in Utah, Alabama and Ohio in February 2024.

Chloe Shannon and Celeste Guerrero
Left: Air Force athlete Chloe Shannon has already committed to Morehead State University. Right: Celeste Guerrero of Jack C. Hays MCJROTC was the high All-Service qualifier in sporter class.


A total of 5,875 junior athletes competed in the 2023-2024 JROTC Three-Position Postal Air Rifle Championship. Finishing as the overall sporter competitor in the JROTC Postal Championship was Celeste Guerrero, 17, of Buda, Texas, with a score of 285-14X. Additionally, Kameron Wells, 18, of Granbury, Texas, was the leading precision individual with a score of 298-25X.

Other leading athletes and teams from the 2023-2024 JROTC Postal Championship include the following.


Sporter Individual

  1. Linzey Pope, 16, Mulberry High School, Fla. – 283-11X
  2. Eryka Vazquez, 17, Mariner High School, Fla. – 283-10X
  3. Rhett Daniel, 17, Ozark High School, Mo. – 280-13X

Sporter Team

  1. Mariner High School, Fla. – 1104-41X
  2. Mulberry High School, Fla. – 1081-34X
  3. Walhalla High School, S.C. – 1076-32X

Precision Individual

  1. Gabrielle Ayers, 17, Sarasota Military Academy, Fla. – 296-21X
  2. Liv Lusky, 18, Lumpkin County High School, Ga. – 295-22X
  3. Jens Gigstad, 16, Fountain Fort Carson High School, Colo. – 295-18X

Precision Team

  1. Fountain Fort Carson High School, Colo. – 1169-70X
  2. Sarasota Military Academy, Fla. – 1153-59X
  3. Claudia Taylor Johnson High School, Texas – 1152-55X

Marine Corps

Sporter Individual

  1. Celeste Guerrero, 17, Jack C. Hays High School, Texas – 285-14X
  2. Ebin Arzac, 18, West Valley High School, Ark. – 279-8X
  3. Nanchaya Bailey, 17, Daniel Boone High School, Tenn. – 278-13X

Sporter Team

  1. Jack C. Hays High School, Texas – 1112-42X
  2. Daniel Boone High School, Tenn. – 1099-41X
  3. West Valley High School, Ark. – 1087-31X

Precision Individual

  1. Kameron Wells, 18, Granbury High School, Texas – 298-25X
  2. Aidan Fogg-Anderson, 17, West Valley High School, Ark. – 294-22X
  3. Ronja Wagner, 17, West Valley High School, Ark. – 294-21X

Precision Team

  1. Granbury High School, Texas – 1172-82X
  2. West Valley High School, Ark. – 1167-72X
  3. Eldorado High School, N.M. – 1165-70X


Sporter Individual

  1. Kalinn White, 18, Zion Benton High School, Ill. – 280-11X
  2. Adreyona Smith, 15, Norview High School, Va. – 277-11X
  3. Savannah Mello, 17, McDowell High School, N.C. – 277-8X

Sporter Team

  1. Zion-Benton High School, Ill. – 1106-41X
  2. McDowell High School, N.C. – 1093-26X
  3. Pascagoula High School, Miss. – 1089-40X

Precision Individual

  1. Leslie Avitia-Lozano, 18, West Mesa High School, N.M. – 296-24X
  2. Danjela DeJesus, 18, Camden County High School, Ga. – 296-23X
  3. Chance Phillipy, 17, New Albany High School, Ind. – 295-20X

Precision Team

  1. Joshua High School, Texas – 1174-80X
  2. Camden County High School, Ga. – 1165-65X
  3. Manzano High School, N.M. – 1157-65X

Air Force

Sporter Individual

  1. Daniella Ornelas-Ramirez, 16, Republic High School, Mo. – 276-12X
  2. Cody Egbert, 18, Cheyenne East High School, Wyo. – 272-10X
  3. Kylie Kinnamon, 17, Reagan High School, N.C. – 270-7X

Sporter Team

  1. Republic High School, Mo. – 1050-24X
  2. Reagan High School, N.C. – 1047-21X
  3. South Panola High School, Miss. – 1045-26X

Precision Individual

  1. Chloe Shannon, 18, Union High School, Okla. – 294-19X
  2. Sydney Watson, 18, Cherokee High School, Ga. – 287-16X
  3. Amy Filippone, 17, North Gwinnett High School, Ga. – 286-19X

Precision Team

  1. Cherokee High School, Ga. – 1137-51X
  2. Kaiserslautern High School, Armed Forces Europe – 1125-46X
  3. Del Norte High School, N.M. – 1121-42X

See the full results of the 2023-2024 JROTC Three-Position Postal Air Rifle Championship at the CMP website.


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