Results: 2023 Bullseye Tournament Of Champions

Last October, the first-ever Bullseye Tournament of Champions was conducted at Mid-Carolina Gun Club in South Carolina with seven total competitors vying for a $1,000 cash prize.

posted on January 4, 2024
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Competitors at the inaugural Bullseye Tournament of Champions, held at the Mid-Carolina Gun Club in Orangeburg, S.C., October 30, 2023.
Mid-Carolina Gun Club

2023 Bullseye Tournament of Champions
Mid-Carolina Gun Club
Orangeburg, South Carolina
October 30, 2023
7 competitors

On the last Monday of October 2023, a new annual championship match fired its inaugural shots. The Bullseye Tournament of Champions (BToC), sponsored by Pardini USA, offered the top shooters of the year a chance to compete head to head under ideal conditions for a winner-take-all cash prize worthy of their skills. Seven shooters accepted their invitations to test their mettle at the Mid-Carolina Gun Club in Orangeburg, South Carolina. In the end, Staff Sgt. Chris Hudock of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit outscored all, winning the inaugural Bullseye Tournament of Champions and the $1,000 grand prize.

Bullseye Tournament of Champions | 2023
Left: Chief Range Officer Ted Carter weighing a pistol trigger. Right: 2023 Bullseye Tournament of Champions competitors on the firing line.


The Bullseye Tournament of Champions was originally envisioned as a way of taking the best shooters from the top events sanctioned by NRA and CMP and pitting them against each other as evenly as possible. The competition would be elite—a small group of shooters, each capable of firing the winning score. The competition would be focused—taking place in a single session, with minimal interruptions. Also, it would be exclusive—competitors would have to earn an invitation by finishing at the top of the results of the largest, most prestigious events of the year. And the competition would be rewarding—there would be no entry fees, but the winner would take home $100 for every shooter in the match, with a minimum prize of $1,000.

The competitors consisted of Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Franks (AMU), Sgt. Jason Gregoire (AMU), the aforementioned Staff Sgt. Chris Hudock (AMU), Sgt. 1st Class Josh Kingery (AMU), Sgt. 1st Class Greg Markowski (AMU), Adam Kopstein and Jon Shue.

At the conclusion of the match, it was Greg Markowski in third place with a 2644-134X, Ryan Franks taking second with a 2646-130X and Chris Hudock becoming the inaugural winner of the Bullseye Tournament of Champions with 2647-128X. Congratulations to Chris and all of the competitors for a fantastic showing.

Among the many achievements at the inaugural Bullseye Tournament of Champions was Jon Shue cleaning Timed-Fire with 600-41X across the three guns. Chris Hudock nearly achieved the same feat, firing a 599-35X.

Greg Markowski and Jon Shue were the only two shooters to fire a 10X.

Ryan Franks fired 100-8X on all three of his first Timed-Fire match targets.

Chris Hudock, the overall champion, did not win any of the single-gun aggregates. They were won by Jon Shue (.22, 895-54X), Greg Markowski (Center-Fire, 885-48X) and Ryan Franks (.45, 881-39X).

Not counting the aggregates, Markowski won three matches (.22 Timed-Fire, .45 Slow-Fire, .45 Timed-Fire), as did Shue (.22 Slow-Fire, .22 National Match Course, Center-Fire Timed-Fire). Additionally, three shooters each won two matches—Hudock (Center-Fire Slow-Fire, .45 National Match Course), Franks (Center-Fire Rapid-Fire, .45 Rapid-Fire) and Gregoire (.22 Rapid-Fire, Center-Fire National Match Course).

The Bullseye Tournament of Champions staff would like to thank everyone that assisted with its creation and presentation. Phil Hemphill, Jim Henderson, Ted Carter, Mary Badiak, John Hollingshead and others gave crucial advice and guidance in setting up the format of the tournament. Pardini USA’s sponsorship was fundamental to the success of the match and in allowing it to be run as a no-fee invitational. NRA Board Member Ted Carter acted as the Chief Range Officer for the match and John Hollingshead was calling the line. Sue Carter, Jack Hagan and Brian Mitchell were the Line Officers. Karen Davis and Donna Hollingshead kept the snack table filled and prepared lunch. Donna Hollingshead also acted as the photographer.

The Bullseye Tournament of Champions is a travelling match, and 2024 host venue will be announced shortly, along with 2024’s Qualifying Matches. Requests for information can be sent to [email protected].

2023 Bullseye Tournament of Champions Leaderboard

  1. Christopher Hudock 2647-128X
  2. Ryan Franks 2646-130X
  3. Greg Markowski 2644-134X
  4. Jonathan Shue 2640-149X
  5. Jason Gregoire 2631-116X
  6. Joshua Kingery 2628-120X
  7. Adam Kopstein 2544-58X


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