Review: DryFireMag Trigger Reset Magazine

Semi-automatic pistol dry firing without slide-racking.

posted on March 18, 2024
Dryfiremag 1
DryFireMag makes the trigger reset magazine for Glock and other semi-automatic pistols. When dry firing, the device makes slide-racking unnecessary.
Art Merrill

Dry-fire training with a semi-automatic pistol typically lacks realism for double-tap and similar drills because, after the first trigger pull, the pistol requires slide-racking to cock the hammer or striker, or to reset the trigger. A new device from DryFireMag that replaces the pistol’s magazine can put more realistic multiple dry-fire shots into your action pistol and self-defense training.

DryFireMag kit
A lighter trigger pull weight coil spring and an Allen wrench for adjusting trigger pretravel are included.


DryFireMag’s trigger reset magazine is a mechanical device that allows multiple trigger pulls without need to rack the slide when dry firing some semi-automatic pistols. DryFireMag makes the device to fit Springfield XD, SIG Sauer P320 and several models of Glock pistols. Though the company at SHOT Show demonstrated the device in a Smith & Wesson M&P9 pistol, a DryFireMag representative said the M&P9 version wasn’t yet available. For this evaluation, DryFireMag provided a trigger reset magazine that fits several double-stack Glock pistols.

A hefty piece of thick plastic or polymer—actually, two thick pieces screwed together, the screws apparently doubling to hold internal parts in place—the trigger reset magazine seems to be plenty durable enough for its task. Operation is simple, a coil spring and a lever serving to resist the trigger pull and to return and reset the trigger upon release. Inside the unit, a short length of spring steel and an adjusting screw work in concert to adjust the amount of trigger pre-travel. The recessed adjustment screw head is readily accessed at the back of the device; the proper size Allen wrench is included, as are instructions.

Coil spring
Changing the coil spring is easy. A screwdriver or other flat surface to compress the coils is helpful.


This particular trigger reset magazine fits double-stack magazine Glock pistols in 9 mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 GAP. Just to be contrary, I inserted the device in a Glock G21 Gen 4 pistol in .45 ACP; of course, the mag well was too large for the device to fit properly. However, it fit a Glock G19 Gen 5 (9 mm), Glock G19X (9 mm), Glock G22 Gen 5 (.40 S&W) and a Glock G23 Gen 5 (also .40 S&W), all factory new pistols, as intended. It did need a rap on the bottom with the palm of the hand to seat fully, which the instructions point out may be necessary. Because of the snug fit, the device needed a little tug to remove it from the magazine wells.

To use the DryFireMag trigger reset magazine, drop your pistol’s magazine, clear the pistol of ammunition and rack the slide to set the striker. Do not rack the slide with the device in place. The first trigger pull will be heavier than usual, as it finishes releasing the striker and activates the trigger reset magazine simultaneously. Succeeding dry-fire shot trigger pull weight will be reduced to normal.

Though the instructions indicate that trigger pull weight of the trigger reset magazine is set at 5½ pounds at the factory, trigger pull weight varied in the different pistols tested here, the Glock G19 breaking at 6¼ pounds, the G19X at six pounds, the G22 at six pounds and the G23 at 5¾ pounds. Obviously, actual trigger pull weight will vary slightly, depending upon the individual pistol; aftermarket modifications to a pistol may also affect the device’s trigger pull weight.

Trigger pretravel adjustment screw
The trigger pretravel adjustment screw at the back of the trigger reset magazine also affects the trigger’s pull weight when using the device.


A second coil spring is included with the trigger reset magazine if you want a lighter pull weight, and other coil springs of various weights are available for purchase from the manufacturer. Changing the coil spring is simple; it can be done with the fingers alone, but using a screwdriver blade to compress the coils for removal is helpful. Replacing the coil spring with the second one provided reduced the six-pound trigger pull weight in the Glock 19X to 5¼ pounds. I reinstalled the original coil spring that rendered six pounds of pull weight for the next test, adjusting pretravel.

Shortening the amount of trigger pretravel with the adjusting screw adds to the pull weight; lengthening pretravel reduces it. At one full clockwise turn—the maximum the instructions caution to make—the pretravel indeed shortened and pull weight went up from the original six pounds to eight pounds. After centering the adjusting screw and then giving a full turn in the opposite direction, pretravel lengthened and pull weight dropped 1½ pounds, from the original six pounds to 4½ pounds.

There’s an old axiom that soldiers will fight the way they train. Applied to civilian handgun self-defense, the DryFireMag trigger reset magazine made possible drawing from the holster and dry fire double-tapping, practice which also helps promote muscle memory. In addition to double-tap drills, the device allowed me to practice multiple-target/action pistol scenarios with rapid follow-on dry fire shots. The device never failed to reset, and I could detect no change in trigger pull weight during the exercises beyond that described by adjusting the pretravel screw. The trigger reset magazine worked as advertised.

DryFireMag’s trigger reset magazine comes with a one-year warranty and tech support is available through the website, or via phone. There’s also a video demonstration at the website. Price at the website for the device as tested here is $98.99. An accessory laser to work with the device is available for $299.99, and is the next step up for instant feedback on accuracy work.


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