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Nebraska's Rachel Martin Wins the 2015 NCAA Smallbore Rifle Championship

Sophomore Cornhusker waits to shoot the good shot in the NCAA finals

What’s In Your Range Bag, Mike Tagliapietra?

You could say that Mike Tagliapietra had a great year last year. Named the 2014...


If you watch cable television, you may recall seeing Gabby make it to the individual...

Shooting Sports USA - June 2015

Coach Emil Praslick, 2014 NRA State Team Postal Results, Berger SW Long-Range Nationals, 2015 NRA...

2015 NRA All-Americans

NRA All-Americans are renowned for performing at optimal levels while demonstrating exceptional leadership and character.

What’s in Your Shooting Bag, Gabby Franco?

Gabriela (Gabby) Franco exudes energy and confidence as she travels the country teaching firearms courses...

CMP Western Games: M1 Garand and Vintage Military Sniper Rifle Team Match

There’s a lot more to competitive shooting than sending rounds downrange. There are the private...

2014 State Champions

Do you know who your state champion is?

Shooting Sports USA - May 2015

NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club, 2015 NCAA Rifle Champion Rachel Martin, Kevin Angstadt: Spreading Action Pistol,...

Shooting Sports USA - April 2015

NRA State Champions, 2015 NRA World Shooting Championship, Shooter's News, M-15 Review, Score Sheets, Coming...

Shooting Sports USA - March 2015

Our Interview with Rob Leatham, Part 1 of 2, Evolution of the American Target, Shooter's...

Shooting Sports USA - February 2015

NRA All American Program, More Women Coaches, All-American Awards, Guns of the 1920s

Shooting Sports USA - January 2015

Emil Kovan F-Open National Champion, National F-Class Championships, Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championships, New Creedmoor Ammo

Shooting Sports USA - December 2014

Annual December Cover Contest, National Police Shooting Championships, Nancy Tompkin’s Book Review, Kevin Nevius Interview

Shooting Sports USA - November 2014

Inaugural Trijicon World Championships, No Pistol at Camp Perry, Garand Diet—Part II, LensPen for Glasses
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