Competitors’ Corner: January 2018

posted on January 2, 2018

With great sadness, we learned that Olympic gold medalist and former NRA Board member Lt. Col. Lones W. Wigger, Jr. passed away last December. He was 80 years old. He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Mary Kay; his sons Ron and Danny; his daughter Deena; and two grandchildren. A list of Mr. Wigger’s accomplishments could fill a bookcase. Read Hap Rocketto’s touching tribute to Wigger.

In other news, the 2018 NRA Junior Smallbore Camp will be relocating to the site of the NRA Smallbore National Matches in Bristol, IN. The camp will be led by NRA National Coach Development Staff Instructor Paul Davis, who will be joined by engaging NCDS members and Certified Instructors and Coaches from across the country. Additionally, the camp will have housing and food options included. More details to come in February, in the meantime please visit for additional information.

A Few Techniques About Sighting-In Your Rifle
A Few Techniques About Sighting-In Your Rifle.

This month’s issue of Shooting Sports USA focuses on rifle shooting in various forms. Appropriately, we called it “The Rifle Issue.” Author Jim Shults starts us off with an article outlining his tips and techniques for sighting-in your rifle. We all know that once a certain ammunition mix groups best for you, the zeroing process begins. Mr. Shults shares more details about the process.

International Sniper Competition: Out of the Shadows, Into the Limelight
International Sniper Competition at Ft. Benning, GA.

I’m happy to introduce a new author, Susan Katz Keating. Be sure to read her debut feature for the digital magazine on the 2017 International Sniper Competition held at Ft. Benning, GA. This year’s competition featured day and night firing, long range marksmanship, sneaking into and out of positions undetected, obstacle courses, and other challenging tasks.

Climbing the High Power Ladder, Part Two
Climbing the High Power Ladder, Part Two: On to Expert.

Last month, we published the first installment of Glen Zediker’s “Climbing the High Power Ladder” three-part series. The focus of these articles is on moving your classification in the sport past Marksman. In Part Two this month, Zediker encourages shooters to dig in and learn better ways to approach everything from the stance, to grip, to body part positioning. Part Three will be published in the February issue.

F-Class World Championships in Ottawa, Canada
Fifth F-Class World Championships.

Fifteen years ago, the very first F-Class World Championships were held in Canada. In 2017, the Championships returned to Canada for the fifth edition of the match. This year there were triple the number of entries, representing the growing popularity of F-Class competition. Notably, this year’s event was preceded by the Canadian F-Class National Championships.

Chip Lohman to Retire

Chip Lohman
Chip Lohman.

NRA Publications Deputy Executive Director Chip Lohman was the Managing Editor of Shooting Sports USA for seven years before I took the reins in January 2015. Lohman announced his retirement last month, to be effective February 2018. Under his leadership, the magazine navigated the transition from print to the digital format we still use today, a move not initially well-received by some of the readership. Lohman was able to win over loyal readers while at the same time increasing subscriptions by utilizing the increased page count the digital format offered to produce a better magazine. After taking the position of Deputy Executive Director, Lohman, in addition to the administrative duties of the role, focused on technical innovation, improving the NRA Publications Test Range by leaps and bounds. He still found time to provide guidance and encouragement to staff, which helped me, and so many others here at NRA, thrive. We’ve been fortunate to have his expertise to rely on. Congratulations, Chip, here’s to a very happy retirement!


Rivalreddot 1
Rivalreddot 1

New: Rival Arms X1 Red-Dot Sight

Rival Arms adds X1 Red-Dot Sight with RMR-compatible mounting system to product lineup.

Team Federal’s Klemashevich, Bell Take Top Spots At 2023 Steel Classic Texas Precision Match

Team Federal shooters Cory Klemashevich and Greg Bell won their respective divisions at the Leupold Steel Classic Precision Match last month in Navasota, Texas. This was the first PRS match of the 2023 season.

USA Shooting: Sagen Maddalena, Alison Weisz Earn Gold Medals At Back-To-Back European Competitions

Last month in Europe, Sagen Maddalena landed a gold medal at the Meyton Cup and Alison Weisz captured a gold and bronze at the H&N Cup. The two U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit shooters earned their medals in Women’s Air Rifle events.

U.S. Air Force Pistol Team: A Hardball Odyssey

Dr. Robert “Doc” Engelmeier documented his time as a member of the U.S. Air Force Pistol Team after joining in the late 1980s, providing us a fascinating glimpse into what being a competitor was like back then.

U.S. Army Contracts Winchester For 6.8 mm NGSW Ammunition Production

Winchester Ammunition lands U.S. Army contract to produce five million 6.8 mm NGSW rounds at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Missouri.

Competitors’ Corner: February 2023

Highlights from the February 2023 issue of Shooting Sports USA, the NRA’s competitive shooting journal.


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