AMU’s SFC Brandon Green Wins Aggregate Title At CMP Cup Matches

posted on July 12, 2017

SFC Brandon Green (pictured above) of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) won the championship title at the 2400 Aggregate Rifle event during the CMP Cup Matches with a score of 2368-97X. SFC Green is a gifted competitor who has collected a number of National Match awards, including multiple overall service rifle honors. As a junior, he was the recipient of Distinguished Air Rifle Badge Number 1—fittingly, Green continued his tradition of being a leading shooter as the first winning individual competitor of the Cup Match.

“I’ve been very fortunate to get support from friends, family and the ROTC programs in high school, and of course from the CMP and NRA as well, which kind of catered to someone like myself, coming in as a junior and shooting all the way up through the high power sports,” said Green of his marksmanship career. “I’ve also been lucky enough to gain so many opportunities from being a part of the Army and the AMU.”

“It’s been a long learning journey, but it’s been a good one,” he added.

The Cup Matches were introduced as an extra series of elite match and service rifle competitions. The schedule included a 4-Man Team Match, three consecutive days of 800 Aggregate matches and an EIC Service Rifle Match. A 2400 Aggregate award was also given to the high competitor of all three combined 800 Aggregates. Additionally, the series was fired at Camp Perry using mobile electronic targets. Over 36,000 rounds were sent downrange, with less than 50 questioned by competitors throughout the week.

For many, the match provided an initial look at e-targets. Green revealed he had never shot a match on this type of high power electronic targets. He went on to say he believes that issues experienced with e-targets previously will soon be resolved for future matches.

“I watched the very first shots go down range through my spotting scope, I saw the bullet holes on paper—everything was right on track from what I saw,” he said. “It was pretty neat to see them work and to see them work so accurately. I was happy with that.”

Also earning high marks in the 2400 Aggregate match was SSGT Amanda Elsenboss of the AMU, who earned the High Woman Award, as well as Serena Juchnowski (Richfield, OH) who snagged High Junior. Paul Terrence (Cleveland, OH) won High Senior.

Winning the 4-Man Team Match was the AMU’s Craig, with a score of 1954-63X. Firing team members were SPC Verne Conant, SGT David Bahten, SFC William Pace and SPC Daniel Lowe.

SPC Lowe was also the winner on day one of the 800 Aggregate Match and finished second overall in the 2400 Aggregate competition. A frequent competitor with the AMU’s air rifle team, Lowe also competed in the men’s 10-meter and 50-meter air rifle competitions during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He has been firing with the service rifle athletes since March and has been able to positively make the transition between disciplines.

“I’ve gained a lot from cross-training with the service rifle team,” said Lowe. “It’s a different game, but all the fundamentals are the same, and that’s why I’ve been so successful.”

Fellow Olympian, SGT Nick Mowrer (U.S. Army Reserve) came in third overall in the 2400 Aggregate and also won the third day of the 800 Aggregate competition. SGT Mowrer is another talented athlete who bounces between disciplines, having attended the 2012 Olympic Games in the 10-meter air and 50-meter free pistol events.

In the EIC Match, SGT Mark Windmassinger (U.S. Marine Corps), was the overall winner with an outstanding score of 497-18X. SGT Cody Luckinbill, also of the Marine Corps, fired a score of 491-14X to become the high non-distinguished competitor—earning fourth place overall.


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