Buck Holly Secures Consecutive PRS Gas Gun Titles

Team Federal’s Buck Holly wins back-to-back Precision Rifle Series Gas Gun division trophies

posted on July 18, 2022
Buckhollyprs2022july 1

Team Federal Precision Rifle Series shooter Buck Holly earned back-to-back Gas Gun division wins at two consecutive Precision Rifle Series matches. Holly came out on top against over 190 shooters at the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge, held July 9-10 in Evanston, Wyoming, also winning the Top Gas Gun trophy at the 2022 Hodgdon Punisher Positional on June 25-26 in Conway Springs, Kansas.

Holly’s final score at the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge was 81, while he scored 130 at the Hodgdon Punisher Positional competition.

At both PRS competitions, Holly was shooting Federal’s Gold Medal 6 mm Creedmoor load with 109-grain Berger bullets.

Warm weather and gusty winds didn’t deter Holly from maintaining a high standard at both events. “Strong winds and gusty conditions are difficult to shoot in, but thankfully the new Federal 109 Match ammo eliminates all variables related to ammo performance,” said Holly. “These new 109-grain Gold Medal loads cut through the wind like a laser.”

With this pair of PRS Gas Gun division wins for the season, Holly qualified for the 2022 Precision Rifle Series Finale to be held in Tennessee in November. He is currently in third place overall in the PRS Gas Gun Series.

“Competing well in a two-day Precision Rifle Series match is no easy task. High temperatures and gusty winds make it even more daunting,” said Federal Shooting Sports Promotions Manager Jason Spradling. “In those conditions, a top-level competitor has to bring his A-game and make sure his gear is squared away. It’s cool to see what Buck has been able to do with these new Federal Premium Gold Medal loads.”

See the full results of both matches at the PRS website. Learn more about Federal at federalpremium.com.


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Handicapchart 1Lead

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