New: Champion Wheelybird 3.0 Trap Thrower

Champion Traps and Targets has introduced the new Wheelybird 3.0 Trap Thrower, a new auto-feed trap that packs big capability into a lightweight and portable thrower.

posted on October 24, 2023
Wheelybird 1
The lightweight and portable Champion 3.0 Wheelybird auto-feed trap thrower (MSRP: $599.99) has a detachable stack holder that holds 60 clays.
Champion Traps & Targets

Champion Traps and Targets recently announced the new Wheelybird 3.0 Auto-Feed Trap, which it calls “the ultimate solution for enhancing your next clay shooting experience.”

Champion Wheelybird 3.0
Whether you’re an avid shooter or just starting out, the new Champion Wheelybird 3.0 (MSRP: $599.99) will help improve your clay target shooting experience.


The Champion Wheelybird 3.0 includes a detachable stack holder that holds 60 clays at a time. It also boasts a rapid 1½-second cycle time and a throwing range of up to 70 yards, plus angle adjustments of zero to 30 degrees.

Whether you’re headed to the range solo or with a friend, the Champion Wheelybird 3.0 provides options with both its 25-foot corded pedal and the Wheelybird Wireless Remote (sold separately), so that you or your shooting partner can launch clays with the click of a button. Transporting the Wheelybird 3.0 to and from the range is easy, thanks to wide-base wheels, battery cart storage and built-in cord wrap.

“The new Wheelybird 3.0 builds off the tried-and-true designs of previous Champion throwers and packs plenty of features for both casual and dedicated shotgun shooters,” Laurie Kokoruda, product manager for Champion said. “Anyone looking for a durable yet lightweight automatic thrower, will surely be impressed with the speed and convenience of the Wheelybird 3.0.”

The Champion Wheelybird 3.0 requires a 12-volt, 30-amp-hours battery, with a deep cycle-type recommended for use.

Now available for purchase, the Champion Wheelybird 3.0 Auto-Feed Trap has a MSRP of $599.99. Go to


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