New Metal Madness Easy-Up Aims To Simplify Set Up For Ranges

This new version of Metal Madness has 10 lanes and the same number of targets as the original, but without a dedicated range requirement.

posted on January 3, 2024
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Metal Madness Easy-Up features a simplified set up and take down process, so that range bays can be used for other shooting events.

New from Metal Madness is Easy-Up, a simple way to incorporate this exciting discipline at your range. With no shooting house requirement for Metal Madness Easy-Up, you can take it down in little time and with a minimum of fuss.

Metal Madness Easy-Up features 10 lanes and the same number of targets as the original version of Metal Madness.

More details from Metal Madness founder Ed White: “Over the past four years of Metal Madness being in operation, we have found that most ranges do not have the space to dedicate to one shooting sport on a permanent basis. While an elevated, divided lane shooting house is best practice for Metal Madness, we understand that is not possible at many locations. This new design for Metal Madness can be set up without a permanent shooting house or stationary target field. It is easy to set up and easy to take down. Best of all, it is affordable.”

There are multiple requirements to become a Metal Madness-affiliated range, including attendance at a two-day affiliation seminar, following Metal Madness official rules and having a 40x80-foot shooting bay that is safe and level. Additionally, the range must use the Metal Madness regulation size targets and target hangers in the bay incorporating the discipline, as well as displaying the correct color code and patterns.

“Metal Madness is a shooting sport designed for everyone, not a competition. Metal Madness allows the person new to shooting a place to go without the cost and concerns of a competitive environment,” said White. “By design, Metal Madness teaches new shooters safe firearm handling while having fun navigating through 10 lanes of different target arrays each time it is shot. Metal Madness also adds a twist to the conventional, more seasoned shooter by never offering the same target set up—posing a new challenge each shooting lane. All of this can be done at any range without dedicating the space to only Metal Madness.”

Outside of the new Easy-Up program, the discipline of Metal Madness as a whole has seen meteoric growth over the last decade. The 2024 Metal Madness Homecoming match (formerly called the Shootout) coming to Kentucky in June is slated to be the biggest ever, with more than 800 people expected to attend. There will also be a fishing tournament added this year, and many vendors will be attending the Homecoming match as well.

Learn more about Metal Madness, the 2024 Homecoming match and the new Easy-Up program at


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