New: Staccato 9 mm Ammo Subscription Delivery Service

Texas-based Staccato announces new 9 mm ammunition subscription and delivery service.

posted on April 14, 2024
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Staccato’s new 9 mm Match rounds are loaded with 125-grain Hornady Action Pistol bullets that travel at 1,050 f.p.s. muzzle velocity.

Staccato has announced the launch of a new ammo subscription and delivery service. Staccato Match and Staccato Range 9 mm ammunition is now available for subscription by the box or case.

The company guarantees subscribers supply of the 9 mm ammo, along with a one-year price lock. This price lock mitigates the price escalation that accompanies ammunition shortages. Members of Staccato 368, Staccato’s community of handgun owners, received early access to this new service, and as long as supplies last, Staccato will offer that same service to others.

Staccato 9 mm Match and Range ammunition launched during SHOT Show 2024 this past January. The 9 mm Range ammo is capable of two-inch and smaller groups at 25 yards, while the 9 mm Match ammo rounds can shoot one-inch and smaller groups at 25 yards through any Staccato pistol.

With its new ammo subscription and delivery service, Staccato aims to deliver on its promise of American enterprise and deepen its relationship with its family of Staccato handgun owners.

“For decades, the industry has focused solely on reliability and durability. With our family of Staccato 2011 pistols, we introduced ‘shootability’ as the third critical factor in selecting a handgun,” Marine Corps veteran and Staccato CEO Nathan Horvath said. “Staccato pistols are built for the heroes that need them most and make it remarkably easy to shoot your best. They are guaranteed for life, so you can train and run a lot of ammo with the peace of mind that your Staccato will last. But, we have been frustrated by price gouging, variable supply and quality of ammunition. We know our family of Staccato owners shares the same frustrations. So, we fixed the problem by developing our own Staccato ammo that we can offer at a fair price and guarantee supply to our family of Staccato owners who sign up for our subscription service.”

Those that plan to use the new ammo delivery service should know they can cancel, pause or skip a cycle of their subscription at any time.

Staccato ammunition is made at Staccato headquarters in Florence, Texas.

“Staccato’s mission is to proudly serve those who protect and embody American freedoms,” Army veteran and Staccato President Andrew Kletzing said. “This is why Staccato is built for heroes, so they can shoot their best when it matters most. Offering Staccato ammo via subscription is a natural next step in helping our family of Staccato owners who chase perfection to achieve excellence. We shoot millions of rounds a year testing our guns, which are insanely accurate. But, even the best guns need great ammo to get the most shootability.”

Staccato’s 2011 pistols have been approved by more than 1,500 U.S. law enforcement agencies over the past five years, and the new 9 mm Range ammo is being adopted for practice by multiple agencies.

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