New: Walker’s RECON Digital Electronic Muffs, Hybrid Communicator

Walker’s announces new RECON line of electronic muffs and hybrid walkie-talkie attachment.

posted on January 30, 2024
Reconmuff 1
Walker’s launches all-new RECON line of digital electronic muffs, plus a hybrid communicator.

Walker’s recently announced the launch of its all-new RECON lineup, including two pairs of IPX4-rated digital electronic muffs—one with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, as well as a hybrid communicator attachment.

Walker’s said that all products in the RECON lineup were “created with tactical shooters and avid range-goers at the forefront.”

Kicking off this new line are the RECON Digital Electronic Muffs, which incorporate Sound Activated Compression (SAC) to keep shooters’ hearing protected in any arena—from competitions and tactical shoots to days at the range spent plinking. Working in tandem with SAC is digital amplification technology that bolsters low-level environmental sounds. In addition, an integrated digital amp boosts sound clarity. When these amplification technologies pair with SAC, sound-dampening composite housing and bonded rubber coating, shooters get the best of both worlds—complete awareness of their surroundings and reliable hearing protection.

The same functionalities are featured in the RECON Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs, with the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. These electronic muffs pair quickly with mobile devices via Walker's Link 2.0 app, available for iOS and Android systems. These muffs also feature an advanced digital audio circuit, full dynamic range HD speakers and integrated microphone for two-way communication via smartphone.

Walkie-talkie attachment
The RECON Hybrid Communicator Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie is a Bluetooth communication device that integrates with both pairs of Walker’s all-new RECON muffs.


As for the RECON Hybrid Communicator Bluetooth Walkie-Talkie, it is a Bluetooth communication device compatible with the Walker’s Link 2.0 app and integrates with both pairs of Walker’s all-new RECON muffs highlighted above. When added to the RECON Digital Electronic Muffs, shooters can access 22 GPRS radio channels for hands-free communication from as far away as three miles. When added to the RECON Digital Bluetooth Electronic Muffs, users can access the same GPRS radio frequencies with just the push of a button.

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