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The 2024 NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury will begin Monday, July 22, and conclude Monday, August 19. Register online today at the NRA Competitive Shooting website.

posted on June 17, 2024
7 2022 Greatatterburypics
Keith Sanderson on the firing line during the 2022 NRA Precision Pistol National Championships at Camp Atterbury. A two-time NRA Precision Pistol champion, Sanderson will compete for Team USA in the Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol event at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games this summer.
Photo by John Parker

The 2024 NRA National Matches, which consist of the Precision Pistol, Smallbore Rifle and High Power Rifle National Championships, will be held at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, starting Monday, July 22, with the opening ceremony and will end with the conclusion of the High Power Palma Team matches and awards ceremony on Monday, August 19.

This year, Ruger—the NRA Competitive Shooting Division’s Main Sponsor and Title Sponsor of the NRA National Matches—has generously donated 15 firearms to the competitors’ prize tables at the 2024 NRA National Matches.

Smallbore rifle
Competitors on the firing line during the 2023 NRA Smallbore Rifle Three-Position National Championships at Camp Atterbury.


The National Rifle Association’s iconic National Matches are celebrating its fourth year as a unified competition with Camp Atterbury as the home venue. An Indiana National Guard training facility near Edinburgh, Indiana, Camp Atterbury is located about 37 miles south of Indianapolis. The NRA first moved its High Power National Championships to Camp Atterbury in 2017, with the Precision Pistol and Smallbore Rifle Nationals making their home at the National Guard base two years later.

For more than 150 years, the National Rifle Association of America has advanced the state of marksmanship while serving as the country’s foremost defender of the Second Amendment. The NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury are where high-level competitive shooters from around the country can shoot shoulder-to-shoulder to determine the best of the best on the firing line.

This year’s calendar returns to the traditional National Matches schedule, starting with the Precision Pistol National Championships, followed by the Smallbore Rifle National Championships and ending with the High Power Rifle Nationals, specifically the Long-Range and Palma Championships.

Additionally, some of the match days have been consolidated to make attending the NRA National Matches a bit easier for competitors this summer.

See the 2024 NRA National Matches schedule below, including Precision Pistol, Smallbore Rifle Prone and F-Class, Smallbore Rifle Three-Position, High Power Rifle Across the Course, High Power Rifle Mid-Range and High Power Rifle Long-Range.

Precision Pistol (July 22 – 25)

  • Jul. 22 –Opening Ceremony, Practice, Preliminary Match (no awards), Harry Reeves Match
  • Jul. 23 – .22 Championship, .22 EIC
  • Jul. 24 – Centerfire Championship, Service Pistol EIC
  • Jul. 25 – .45 Championship, Distinguished Revolver, Awards Ceremony

Smallbore Rifle Prone and F-Class (July 28 – August 1)

  • Jul. 28 – Squadded practice, Metallic Sights Day One
  • Jul. 29 – Metallic Sights Day Two
  • Jul. 30 – Randle, Dewar, Team Matches
  • Jul. 31 – Any Sights Day One
  • Aug. 1 – Any Sights Day Two, Awards Ceremony

Smallbore Rifle Three-Position (August 2 – 4)

  • Aug. 2 – Metallic Sights
  • Aug. 3 – Drew Cup Team Match, Team Matches
  • Aug. 4 – Any Sights, Awards Ceremony

High Power Rifle Across the Course (August 5 – 10)

  • Aug. 5 – Seeding Match
  • Aug. 6 – Member’s Trophy, Scott Trophy, Coast Artillery Trophy Matches
  • Aug. 7 – Navy Cup, Army Cup, Coast Guard Trophy Matches
  • Aug. 8 – Appreciation Cup, Marine Corps Cup, Air Force Cup Matches
  • Aug. 9 – Crescent Cup, Cavalry Cup, Crowell Trophy Matches, Awards Ceremony
  • Aug. 10 – EIC Leg Match

High Power Rifle Mid-Range (August 11 – 14)

  • Aug. 11 – 300-, 500-, 600-yards, 600-yard Teams
  • Aug. 12 – 3x600 yards, 600-yard Teams
  • Aug. 13 – 300-, 500-, 600-yards, 600-yard Teams
  • Aug. 14 – 3x600 yards, Awards Ceremony

High Power Rifle Long-Range (August 16 – 19)

  • Aug. 16 – Wimbledon Cup, Remington Trophy, Porter Trophy, Andrus Trophy, Herrick Trophy Team Matches
  • Aug. 17 – Leech Cup, Mustin Trophy, Farr Trophy, Aitken Trophy, Roumanian Team Trophy Matches
  • Aug. 18 – Palma Individual Match, Awards Ceremony
  • Aug. 19 – Palma Team Matches, Awards Ceremony

In addition, you can see the packet pickup dates for each championship listed below.

  • Jul. 21 – Precision Pistol 10:00 a.m.
  • Jul. 27 – Smallbore Rifle 10:00 a.m.
  • Aug. 5 – High Power Across the Course 10:00 a.m.
  • Aug. 10 – High Power Mid-Range 10:00 a.m.
  • Aug. 15 – High Power Long-Range 10:00 a.m.

Regarding the 2024 NRA High Power National Championships, these matches will be fired on electronic targets. NRA first made the switch to electronic targets for High Power when Range Six at Camp Atterbury was outfitted with 30 Silver Mountain Targets Solo e-target systems back in 2022, which have been a smashing success with competitors and match staff ever since.

You can see the full 2024 NRA National Matches calendar and match program at the NRA Competitive Shooting Division website.

Register now for the 2024 NRA National Matches at Camp Atterbury at the NRA’s online competitor portal:

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