USPSA: How To Stay Informed

Interested in USPSA competition? Here’s a guide on how to stay informed about this exciting action-shooting organization.

at USPSA posted on May 31, 2024
2023 Uspsa Handgun Nationals 2
USPSA competitor Mikayla Hill competing in the Limited division at the 2023 USPSA Handgun Nationals, held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio, Oct. 6-8, 2023.
Photo by Karri Wilson, Kari McClain/USPSA

USPSA as a sport was born in 1976 from a collection of combat shooting matches around the world. Today, we are approximately 39,000 members strong. We have more than 730 affiliated clubs where you can test your skill on an unlimited number of courses of fire with many different types of guns in our nine USPSA sports divisions, plus our USPSA multi-gun divisions and Steel Challenge. We have the fastest and safest shooting sport in the world, with something for everyone.

One thing that sets us apart from the others is our classification system. You can see where you rank among the best shooters in the world, and track your own improvement as you progress through the system.

Steel Challenge
The 2023 Steel Challenge Kentucky State Championship, held at Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League in Wilmore, Kentucky, last August, boasted 207 guns. (Photo by Carole Bryant/USPSA)



USPSA’s recent success, and information about what is going on in the organization, is certainly no secret.

Here are eight tips to keep up with going on.

Get the USPSA and Steel Challenge mobile apps. These great new tools have a lot of information you need on the field of play and when discussing the games with your friends.

Subscribe to bi-monthly USPSA Magazine online and/or in print. The magazine is available to all current members. If you haven’t read it, or haven’t read it in a while, you are missing some great content. It isn’t just about match articles anymore.

Subscribe to the weekly USPSA Downrange email newsletter. Every week, USPSA sends information about USPSA and other great content to more than 85,000 email addresses.

Visit the USPSA and Steel Challenge Shooting Association websites. The websites ( and are a great place to keep up on announcements, minutes from all USPSA Board meetings and other resources you need as a member, competitor, range officer or match director. There are also preferred vendors here who offer promotions to all USPSA members.

USPSA website
The USPSA website ( is a great source of information about USPSA competition. (Screenshot courtesy of USPSA)


Visit the USPSA and SCSA Facebook pages. With original and shared content daily, the USPSA Facebook page is a great way to connect with the USPSA and SCSA community, as well as to stay informed.

Visit the USPSA and SCSA Instagram pages. Both Instagram pages also serve as a great way to see videos and promotions covering all things USPSA and Steel Challenge.

Update your email address in your USPSA profile. USPSA sends direct email to all 39,000 members from time to time. While we don’t use this as often, we do send important information to all members, and other messages targeted to range officers or Steel Challenge competitors. Don’t worry—we won’t send you any spam.

Set up push notifications. Make sure you have enabled push notifications on all your devices to get notifications that are important to you. These include major USPSA match announcements, uploaded USPSA match scores and much more.

Yee-Min Lin,
United States Practical Shooting Association President

Article from the 2024 Annual edition of USPSA’s magazine.


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