Morgun King Wins 2022 Koenig-Ruger Precision Rifle Match

The match had competitors engaging at distances of 1,200 yards and beyond

posted on April 25, 2022
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With a score of 169 and final time of 52.45, Morgun King is the winner of the 2022 Koenig-Ruger Precision Rifle Competition, held at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex in Grand Junction, Colorado, April 9–10.

A two-day long-range rifle match in its second year, the 2022 Koenig-Ruger Precision Rifle Competition was a field-style event using natural terrain, along with steel animal-shaped targets engaged from practical, realistic shooting positions. The match also served as an Armageddon Gear Cup qualifying event, meaning that any competitor chasing series points could do so.

King, who enjoyed a 10-point margin above his nearest competitor, was shooting a 6.5 mm Creedmoor load with Berger's 6.5 mm 156-grain Extreme Outer Limits (EOL) Elite Hunter bullets, which he credited for helping with the victory. “This was my first match using the Berger 156 Extreme Outer Limits bullet and it did not disappoint,” said King. “The winds at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex were extremely tricky and provided the perfect scenario to showcase the effectiveness of the EOL in variable conditions.”

The 18-stage course of fire was spread over approximately 3.5 miles of terrain at the Cameo Shooting Complex. Small utility vehicles moved the 144 competitors in attendance across the facility. The match director team included match namesake Doug Koenig and Keith Baker, both taking immense pride in hosting an efficient and professional championship-style competition.

See the top five shooters below. Although all five shot the match classified as pros, Matt Alwine garnered his third-place finish as the only one shooting in Production division.

  1. Morgun King 169
  2. Jake Millard 159
  3. Matt Alwine 157
  4. Chris Kutalek 157
  5. Garret Preece 155

You can view the full results of the 2022 Koenig-Ruger Precision Rifle Match at the Practiscore website.


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