New: Berger Extreme Long-Range .375 Cal. 410-Grain Hybrid Target Bullet

Made with Berger’s proven J4 jacket, the new .375 cal. 410-grain hybrid target bullet is a new option for extreme long-range shooters.

posted on January 10, 2024
Berger375 1
About its new extreme long-range .375 cal. 410-grain hybrid target bullet, Berger said it is “super consistent—Doppler verified with less than one percent ballistic coefficient variation.”
Berger Bullets

Berger recently announced the new-for-2024 .375 caliber 410-grain hybrid target bullet, which is purpose-built to meet the demands of shooters competing in extreme long-range disciplines with large capacity magnum cartridges.

Berger .375 cal. 410 grain hybrid bullet
Hybrid ogives blend tangent and secant nose shapes into one ogive, while the boat tail provides an aerodynamic advantage during the transition from transonic to subsonic velocities.


Berger’s new .375 caliber 410-grain hybrid target projectile “delivers the trusted performance shooters have come to expect from Berger Hybrids and offers a long-range competitive advantage previously attainable only from a solid, lathe-turned projectile.”

Like all other Berger bullets, the foundation for the new .375 caliber 410-grain hybrid target bullet is the company’s Berger J4 jacket, which boasts concentricity of less than 0.0003-inch total indicated runout (TIR).

“Our goal with this project was to listen to the needs of extreme long-range competitors, and exceed their expectations by building a projectile capable of exceeding ½-MOA precision, having a Ballistic Coefficient standard deviation of less than one percent, and able to survive extreme performance conditions while fired from large capacity magnums,” Berger Production Engineer Bob Stokes said.

Available in 50-count boxes (MSRP: $87.99) or 250-count quantity packs (MSRP: $417.99), Berger .375 caliber 410-grain hybrid target bullets are available for order at Berger retailers with delivery expected this summer. Go to for more information.


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