New: Browning Ammunition SUB22 Subsonic Rimfire

Browning Ammunition’s new subsonic .22 LR ammo is built for use in suppressed semi-automatic pistols.

posted on January 18, 2023
Browning 22Subsonic 1
Browning Ammunition

Coming soon to a retailer near you is one of Browning Ammunition’s newest offerings: a subsonic .22 LR ammo that the company said is “purpose built for use in semi-automatic pistols equipped with a suppressor.”

The new SUB22 rimfire ammo was announced by Browning Ammunition on Tuesday, January 17, at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This brand-new product from the Browning brand is ideal for target shooters and small game hunters using a suppressed pistol. By using SUB22 ammunition, shooters can obtain reliable functioning of their semi-automatic pistols while also being able to achieve maximum noise suppression.

Browning's SUB22 ammunition sports a 45-grain lead round-nose projectile traveling at 1,060 f.p.s. with 112 foot-pounds of energy (from the muzzle, recorded with a six-inch pistol barrel). The black copper plated bullets should help to reduce fouling. Additionally, Browning SUB22 ammo is available in a 100-round pack size.

As mentioned, the new .22 LR subsonic ammo will be on store shelves in the near future. Learn more about the new SUB22 subsonic load, as well as the full line of Browning Ammunition at


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