New: Cobalt Kinetics Model 27

posted on April 9, 2018

Cobalt Kinetics, well known as a purveyor of some of the highest end AR-15s on the market, has just released a brand new conglomeration of old designs, molded together into the boldly different Model 27.

The Model 27 carves a very distinct niche for itself in the market. It is, at its core, a modern semi-automatic sporting rifle utilizing AR-15 components, but it is fashioned in a way that hearkens back to the simpler, elegant, wood-stocked hunting rifles of the previous century. The pistol grip has been deleted, and in its place an exquisitely molded stock-handle sits, ideal for those more precise shots.

From there however, the gun is pure Cobalt Kinetics, with the modern flair that brought the company notoriety on copious display. The most unusual feature? The cheek rest protrudes out from the buffer tube, cutting a straight line back from the upper receiver, while the stock juts up and back from the grip at an obtuse angle, with a solid gap between them of an inch or so, eventually tapering into a large ovular cutout directly behind the receiver. The entire rear half of the gun therefore, gives the effect that the components are floating, disconnected from each other, with an almost fragile air to them.

True to form, the stock and handguard are skeletonized, though in what degree this occurs depends upon which of the four models you purchase: the Sentry, the Ranger, the Hunter, or the Expert (pictured at top, geared towards precision shooters).

Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Sentry
The Model 27 Sentry is streamlined for easy transport.

The Sentry is Cobalt Kinetics’ shot at a “service” gun, if indeed anything as unique as a Cobalt Kinetics could really be considered a service firearm. It is balanced heavily towards the trigger hand, allowing the forward hand increased mobility to perform a variety of tasks that could be encountered in the field, such as opening a door or retrieving a taser. The handguard measures 15-inches, with 21-inches of top Picatinny rail. It is available with either milspec controls, or ambidextrous controls and an improved single-stage adjustable trigger, depending upon which “stage” is purchased. Its standard kit is 5.56 NATO, and color selection is relatively muted for Cobalt Kinetics, with foundations available in only black, grey, olive drab, and FDE—all with black accents. Stage 1: $1,765. Stage 2: $1,940.

Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Ranger
The Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Ranger is lightweight and compact.

The Ranger is the compact offering of the Model 27 line. Its muzzle brake is permanently pinned to a 13.5-inch barrel, to maximize effect while keeping the rifle within legal limits. The 5.56 NATO rifle is available in Stage 1, which is milspec, or Stage 2, which features Cobalt’s Dual Drop bolt control system, and a single stage DMR trigger (among other things). It is available in the same colors as the Sentry. Stage 1: $1,995. Stage 2: $2,250.

Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Hunter
The Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Hunter comes in .223 Wylde, 6.5 Grendel, and .224 Valkyrie.

The Hunter fills the exact space in the lineup that its name implies. Available in .223 Wylde, .224 Valkyrie, and 6.5 Grendel, the Hunter provides the best aspects of a long range rifle, paired with the reduced recoil and simple serviceability of an AR platform. Stage 1 is, as usual, the milspec option, while Stage 2 includes a crisp two-stage trigger, ambidextrous controls, an adjustable gas block, and Cobalt’s PRO buffer system. Stage 1: $2,395. Stage 2: $2,750.

Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Expert
The Cobalt Kinetics Model 27 Expert is the competition-grade model, equipped with control and speed enhancing features.

Finally, we come to the Expert, undoubtedly Cobalt’s flagship Model 27 build. Coming in .223 Wylde, the rifle features virtually every other option fitted to the previous three guns (or at least is able to). All Experts come with a dual drop bolt release, the Cobalt PRO buffer, an AR Gold flat blade trigger, an adjustable gas block, and a Cobalt Pro Brake. Stage 1 models include a 16-inch chrome-moly barrel with 5R rifling, while Stage 2’s barrel comes in fluted stainless steel with 6-groove rifling. The bolt carrier groups are also different, with Stage 1 including an M-16 (full mass) nickel-boron coated BCG, and Stage 2’s being constructed of low mass nitride. Additionally, the color palate is back to what I would consider true Cobalt Kinetic form, with 29-odd combinations available. Stage 1: $3,495. Stage 2: $3,760.

With such a range of models available, this gun can be ordered in a variation that will fit almost any state’s firearm laws, even California. For those unsatisfied with the relatively small calibers currently available (big game hunters, precision and ELR shooters in particular, there is no need to worry). A large frame .308 Win. pattern is already in the works, and will someday be added to Cobalt’s XL lineup. In the meantime however, there are plenty of fun options to try out in the calibers previously mentioned. Cobalt is currently taking preorders, and rifles will begin shipping May 1.

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